How Long Does A Menstrual Cycle Last

Menstrual cycle is basically the process of changes that occur in a woman’s body that prepares her for possible pregnancy. This occurs every month and usually lasts for seven days. However this cycle experiences some irregularities depending upon various factors. How long does a menstrual cycle last? This has been answered above. To understand the factors affecting, how long does a menstrual cycle last, will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Being a woman, you should understand your body and the changes occurring inside you. The ultimate goal of a woman’s body is to give birth to a baby. A woman’s body starts preparing for this purpose from teenage. The process of ovulation occurs during a menstrual cycle. An egg is released by the ovaries. Since this egg is not fertilized therefore it is released through the vagina. In opposite to this process, when a woman gets pregnant, the menstrual cycle stops because the released egg gets fertilized and it is no more released through the woman’s vagina.

A normal menstrual cycle is predicted by considering the flow, time duration, pain, end date and other hormonal changes occurring simultaneously. Menstrual cycle occurs after a month; it occurs in between twenty one to thirty five days. Increasing or decrease in weight is also a result of irregularity in menstrual cycle. When woman, who are not willing to have a baby, do sexual intercourse and take birth prevention pills suffer irregularities in menstrual cycle. In this case, they should seek a doctor or a gynecologist.

How long does a menstrual cycle last? Knowing this requires more attention to your menstrual cycle. Mae sure you note down the beginning and ending date of your menses. See what type of flow you are having. Either it is light, medium or heavy. How many times do you have to change your pad? Are you having any pain in legs or lower abdomen body? Is your weight increasing or decreasing? Once you will start getting answers to these questions, you will automatically understand how long does a menstrual cycle last?

Try not to compare you menstrual cycle with someone else. Everyone has a different type of body and various unique changes occur in each. It is important to understand your body especially when you will be planning your baby. This is absolutely true that there are more chances of getting successful egg fertilization soon after the menstrual cycle has ended.

During pregnancy, the menstrual cycle stops. How long does a menstrual cycle last, can be better understood once you will find out if you have a normal cycle or not. If you get your menses started on the first of last month then you should get it on first of this month or two days before or after it. This is considered as a normal menstrual cycle. Your gynecologist can guide you much better about it. Now that you have understood, how long does a menstrual cycle last? You can guide your friends as well.