How Long Does A Concussion Last

Concussion happens when a severe blow to the head or any hit to the body that jars or shakes the mind inside the skull. Head is a very sensitive part of human body. Although it appears very strong, as it is protected by a thick skull, it is one part whose injury can cause sudden and on spot death. Many a times head injuries or concussions are taken very lightly but later these small injuries or concussion end up taking the shape of incurable diseases or lifelong marks.

Concussion can occur due to a simple pang on the head, mainly on the center area, or because of a strong hit as well. Mostly, concussion happens to the sportsmen involved in professional wrestling, NFL or Soccer. People working in constructions and heavy lifting jobs where they carry weights on their backs are also subjected to getting concussions merely due to a faint hit or a weight lifting gone wrong. The question which stands here is that ‘How long does a concussion last?’ It depends on the severity of the injury. It could take a few hours, couple of days or even a week to fully recover from a concussion.

During a concussion, a person should not hurry. Swift moves during a concussion cause unnecessary brain movements which make a person dizzy and slow down the recovery process. It is advisable that the person suffering should rest completely and let his injuries completely heal. Not doing so, may result in an increase in how long does a concussion last. It could also damage the brain, thus exposing to the risk of further fatal injuries.

Concussions are also categorized according to their grades ascertained by doctors. They range from 0-5. How long does a concussion last? It depends on the grade of concussion a patient is suffering from. You can say that recovering from the concussion of solely dependent on the intensity of the injury and the healing capability of the injured person. In worst cases, a very serious concussion can lead to a coma, brain damages or a person’s death too.

There are a few symptoms of concussion too. Following an injury to the head, if you start suffering from weak eye sight, blurred images, continuous headache, there is a threat that you might be suffering from a concussion. Before trying to be over smart and taking pills without the doctor’s consent of a proper prescription, make sure you visit a doctor and get it properly checked for a concussion. Failure to do so might end up resulting in severe injuries and the question that how long a concussion does last, may have an answer as ‘forever’.

As the doctors assess your grade of concussion, you could either be allowed to go home and take medicine or the doctor may put you under observation to monitor the condition themselves. This will also have an effect on how long does a concussion last. Proper care and precautions are a must for a person suffering from concussion. Failure to do so may lead to events that a person would regret for the rest of his/her life. Therefore you have to monitor how long does a concussion last whenever you see anyone go through it.