How Long Does Whiplash Last

Whiplash occurs in neck ligaments. It is very painful, causes movement loss and stiffness in neck. One also experiences muscle spasms, headaches and pain in shoulders or arm. When ligaments in neck get overstretched, whiplash occurs. It is called as Sprain. People suffering through this problem often as how long does whiplash last?

There is not one answer to how long does whiplash last because it completely depends on the conditions, severity and treatment adopted for curing it. To find out the various perspectives associated with how long does whiplash last, first understand the symptoms, causes and treatments of whiplash.

Whiplash occurs usually after an accident. The ligaments do not get broken, but sprain occurs. This takes a very long time to get heal. Understand in a way that whiplash does not occur immediately. If an accident occurs that result in to a sprain, the whiplash appears after a few hours. One feels bruising and inflammation in the muscles of neck. Day by day the condition worsens. Whiplash is self-limiting and short lived but in some cases it becomes chronic.

The common symptoms include headaches, pain while moving neck, tenderness over muscles of neck, stiffness, muscle spasms, dizziness, blurred vision, back pain and vertigo. Chronic whiplash has same symptoms and it gets better once a goof treatment is adopted. One important thing to now is that chronic disease also results into other symptoms that take longer time to disappear.

Now you have understood that how long does whiplash last and how long does chronic whiplash last. The basic treatment for both is mobilization. It means that you have to perform various exercises in order to keep your neck mobile. Initially it will be painful but with time you will feel better. The pain is normal and does not lead to damage further. It is often not recommended to use collar or brace. Also some doctors advise using painkillers as well as anti-inflammatory medicines. The best of all painkillers is Paracetamol and it is advised by every doctor. This medicine can be sued regularly. A stronger painkiller advised is Codeine. It is used along with Paracetamol.

Last but not the least, physiotherapy is the best treatment. This is recommended if the whiplash symptoms last for very long. There are several techniques employed during physiotherapy for example manipulation and massage. This helps in restoring movement and function. You can learn exercises from a physiotherapist and then you can practice them yourself at home.

There are three things that can reduce pain of whiplash and one can cure faster. These three things include maintain a good posture, stretches and exercises and using a supportive pillow. Having right posture while walking and sitting reduces pain. Use only a pillow while sleeping. Do yoga regularly; this will increase your strength.

All this explanation would have answered your question, how long does whiplash last. You can even guide your fellows and friends who are suffering through whiplash and are in trouble.