How Long Does Typhoid Vaccine Last

Before you learn that how long does typhoid vaccine last, you should know what exactly typhoid is. Well basically typhoid is a fever and very severe disease. Bacteria named ‘Typhi’ causes it. Typhoid grounds for fatigue, headache, weakness, severe fever, loss of appetite, stomach ache and often a rash. Around 30% of its victim dies if they are not cured. Every year around Twenty-One Million people suffer from typhoid and Two-Hundred Thousand are killed globally.

Whether it is Live Typhoid Vaccine (Oral) or Inactivated Typhoid Vaccine (Shot) can make difference to the fact that how long does typhoid vaccine last. One is given via injection; heavy dosage while other is given orally in attenuated form.

Two years is how long does typhoid vaccine last if incase of Inactivated Typhoid Vaccine (Shot). Keeping in mind that vaccination must be given a fortnight before the travelling so that it can work accordingly. Keeping in mind inactivated vaccine must not be given to toddler younger than couple of years. Any person suffered from any reaction due to previous dosage shouldn’t get another one. Anybody who carries allergy to any element of the vaccine shouldn’t get one. Any person who is severely or moderately sick must normally wait till the total recovery prior than getting vaccine. Exceptionally, mild reactions can take place but the threat of life of severe illness is exceptional. Possible reactions are headache (Up to 4%), Swelling or redness at the place of shot (Up to 7%) & Fever (up to 1%).

If Live Typhoid Vaccine (Oral) is consumed, half a decade is usually how long does typhoid vaccine last. A complete dosage of four capsules on alternative days completes the course. I.e. On the first day, third one, followed on fifth day and last one on seventh. Keeping in mind that the person should be provided with dosage minimum a week before the travel to make sure vaccine has time to work effectively. Live Typhoid vaccine is meant for adults or children at least six year old. Just like Inactivated Typhoid Vaccine, Live Typhoid Vaccines must be avoided people who had hard time getting earlier dosage. Or any person who has allergy to particular component is the vaccine. Any person who is suffering from sickness pertaining diarrhea or vomiting should tell physician about it. Any person with weaker immune system should avoid this vaccine and should get Typhoid shot rather. Such exception includes people suffering from AIDS/HIV or any such disease that influences immune system. Oral vaccine of Typhoid must be given with a minimum of three day gap in antibiotics are taken. Possible mild reactions are headache or fever (up to 5%) or vomiting, nausea, rash stomach ache is witnessed quite rarely.

Ironically, how long does typhoid vaccine last is not a legit question as neither injected nor oral version of the vaccine comes with a 100% guarantee, as cases are recorded of vaccine’s ineffectiveness. So it is essential to keep an eye on the hygiene factor while drinking and eating in possible harmful places. Typhoid is mostly and issue when urine or feces gets in touch with drinking water or food. Frequent hand wash and neatness while preparing food is key to refrain typhoid or such other food diseases away from your system.