How Long Does The Gout Attack Lasts

GOUT is defined as:

In medical terminology GOUT is defined as ‘a metabolic disease in which uric acid accumulates into joint which leads to deformity of bones some time’. In man first attack of Gout may occur in the age between late forties to sixties whereas for women it might occur later. But the question remains in the mind of readers how long does gout attacks lasts. Gout problem is inherited in most of the cases.

Some warning signs of gout are:

Signs include tingling feeling in bones, burning and itching but sometimes it does not show any warning signs just attack. Gout attack takes place in night mostly.

What are the symptoms for gout attack?

Gout attack is very painful, and it’s the type of arthritis redness, warmth, swelling is the symptoms of gout attack.
In this attack toe, joint is affected in half of the cases other half of people suffered from the ankle joint, heel, thumb, wrist, elbow etc

Gout attacked cause by:

The Gout attack is caused by an excess of uric acid and aggravated by taking alcohol, high blood pressure, gaining weight, soft drinks and by certain medication.
It’s also occurs due to recent surgery or trauma, heavy eating, fever and dehydration.

Gout attack remains:

How long does gout attack lasts? Normally gout pain it started from 8 to 12 hours and typically become gout attack which lasts 2 to 3 days, but if its remain untreated it remain up to 3 to 4 weeks in that case you should consult the doctor and take medication first step is to stop the inflammation of joints second step is how to address this problem in the long run, how long does gout attack lasts depends upon doctor and medication to which help to recover from this problem.
First it involve only one joint toe in half of cases initially, but after some time it started affecting other joints as well such as heels and ankles that result in very painful condition where it’s difficult to even walk how long does gout attack lasts answer to this question is how much does it affect other joints?

How you can get information:

You can get information regarding gout attack and how long does gout attack lasts by online forums where people affected by arthritis sharing their experiences that how they cope up with gout attack. Consult doctor regularly:

When you are suffering from arthritis you must consult doctor regularly, ensure that the medication does not cause your Gout problem, discuss him that how long does Gout attacks last he will tell you according to your situation
Wearing wrong shoes makes Gout problem worst.
If your doctor had diagnosed your gout problem when you visited your doctor and has given you certain medications do as your doctor say, follow a diet plan, take medicines and test uric acid every 3 months.

How to reduce Gout attacks:

If you want to reduce Gout attacks you need to decrease your URIC acid it can be decrease by both medications and diet, you need to control diet take low calorie diet, reduce drinking of alcohol, take less meat and sea foods item and control taking of fructose and control blood pressure.

Now I guess you would be clear that how long does gout attack lasts.