How Long Does The Flu Shot Last

Nowadays vaccines for flu are available by nasal spray and shots. One should get the flu shot vaccine as soon as possible because it prevents from high complications of flu. The commonly observed side effects of flu include fever, headaches and soreness. Some people also suffer through severe reactions including difficulty in breathings, swelling on face and hives. In this case they should seek immediate medical attention. Before perusing for flu vaccine shots, people ask how long does the flu shot last?

To get a better idea about how long does the flu shot last, you should read the complete article. It is important to understand how one gets the flu vaccine shots, how long does the flu shot last, whether they are safe or not, are these vaccine shots mild or very hard etc. Answer to all these questions will clearly guide how long does the flu shot last.

The flu vaccine always last for a single flu season. These flu vaccines are the cause of development of antibodies in a human body. The infection with vaccines are only protected by these developed antibodies. When one has get the flu vaccine shot, it takes about two and a half weeks till the antibodies fully develop. They protect from influenza. It is therefore suggested to get vaccination shots in fall season.

Flu vaccine shots are completely safe. This has been shown by track record of the past few years. Some side effects of the vaccine have been discussed before. Since those side effects are easily curable therefore there is nothing to worry. In some cases, people are not well; if they are suffering through light fever then they should wait until it gets over. There is also another option that one can get and that is nasal spray. It is called as flu vaccine nasal spray. It is absolutely fine for people suffering through diarrhea or infection in respiratory tract.

In cases of nasal congestion, flu vaccine nasal spray should be avoided. This is because it becomes a barrier in between nasal lining and ability of vaccine. Some side effects of flu shots consists vomiting, fever, rummy nose, headache, muscle aches and wheezing. Some of these side effects start occurring as soon as one receives the flu shots. Serious effects are racing heart, hives, and high fever, difficulty in breathing, swelling, weakness, paleness and dizziness.

Always keep in mind that you will never get flu after you have got a flu shot. Since everyone has a different resistive system and each body responds differently to the flu shots. Usually it is very safe and no side effects occur. There are very extreme cases when one files case against the flu vaccine center but usually this does not happen.

After reading this article you would surely have understood how long does the flu shot last? It only lasts for one season and preferably one should get flu shot maximum by the month of December so as to stay protected.