How Long Does The Flu Last In Children

How long does the flu last in children? What kind of treatment should be provided? These are the types of questions that typically arise as soon as someone got hit by the flu.

Flu it’s so common in school going children to catch the flu from another because of close contact and you can’t do anything about that. Flu season starts from October and it lasts till March.

According To Medical science:

Flu is the word used in lay man language for the disease called influenza, which is spread by the influenza virus A, B and C, type A, B are responsible for yearly flu and type C causes sporadic illness.
The symptoms for flu include aches, fever, cough, shakiness etc
Children and old people are very sensitive because of weak immune system they catch flu easily.

How does it spread in children?

Flu is spread by direct contact like children do in schools or playing in the ground or by germs caught which was coughed or sneezed by an infected person inhaled by the second person or by drinking water with the same bottle or sharing of item.
If you have more children in the household, it’s difficult for you to stop flu transmitting from one to another because of close quarters.

Symptoms in kids are:

The symptoms of flu are very severe in children high fever, sore throat, head ache, tiredness while playing or doing home work, cough, shivering, intestinal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, weakness etc.

The main question arises how long does the flu last in children??

Parents repeatedly asked this question that how long does the flu last in children?

Well it depends upon the condition of your child.
As mentioned above children have the weak immune system or you can say that their immune system is still developing, in adults it stays in 8 to 10 days but in children it stays more than that plus it leaves behind weakness and dry cough.
It depends upon the ability of your child that how long does the flu last in children. If he is sensitive and had been facing chronic illness from the past you should immediately consult a doctor to avoid further risk, sometimes it lead to pneumonia.

Many parents confuse influenza with the common cold. Influenza is more severe, and it leads to hospital sometimes, in flu respiratory system, or intestinal system is involved and in cold only respiratory system is not functioning properly.
Every year in U.S 200,000 people admitting in to the hospital and 36,000 died because of flu so you can’t take it lightly, and proper care is required.

How to prevent flu:

Vaccination is the only way you can prevent your child from flu for children over 9 two shots and for children below 9 only one shot.
For children of 6 months can get vaccinated, new born babies and children below the age group of 6 months can’t get vaccinated so their care givers should take vaccination, clean your house from dirt, take care, wash your hands when you hold baby.
Vaccination takes place in start of the fall season.

What is your part?

Discuss it with your fellows and ask them to share their views about flu and how long does the flu last in children. Their suggestions help you; they will definitely share their experience regarding their children how they handled the situation, do they take medical assistance and when.
If your child caught flu, you must ensure that he is taking a lot of rest provide him books, games, ipod that he can rest and don’t get bore.
Make sure that the room has a normal temperature not too cold or hot.

Consult Doctor

Consult your family doctor as he knows the history of your family it helps in certain cases and discuss him that how long does the flu last in children, is something serious with your child, what kind of medical treatment help him recover, does antibiotics help him or some kind of reaction might occur after treatment, diet plan, what kind of food will reduce his weakness.