How Long Does The Constipation Last

The ultimate meaning of constipation is getting difficulty in passing the stool regularly or unable to pour out your bowels. How long does the constipation last is the general point of thinking faced by almost everyone. Stool can be hard, lumpy, large or small because of constipation
There are some important things which won’t let you think that how long does the constipation last, such as:

Eating fiber
Drinking plenty of fluid
And last but not the least, regular exercise.

How long does the constipation last varies from a person to person. No matter what sort of your immune system is or what is the level of your internal situation, it highly depends on your eating habits, lifestyle and other external factors which have a direct effect on your body (like stress). Individual can be on alert if he is facing the symptoms including:
Pain in abdomen
Getting difficulty in bowel movements

All age group faced the tension for how long does the constipation last. It doesn’t depend from what particular age group you belong to but constipation is most common in older people. At times for some people, it’s like a short term or one day thing , but for other persons it can be serious chronic, long term problem. If constipation is chronic, then it can affect on the quality life of that particular person because that can give severe pain or discomfort level to that individual. Constipation is not a thing which a person can ignore. For the people who are helpless due to chronic constipation; piles, facial impaction can be the real complication for them

Apart from how long does the constipation last an individual should see the causes behind severity of constipation. Although it’s a bit difficult to find out the accurate causes , but still there are plenty of reasons behind constipation, like:

Not enough in take of fiber including fruits, vegetables & cereals.
Absence of fluids in your drinking habit
Ignoring the urge or ignoring yourself to push out the stool
Medication’s side effects
Anxiety or depressed person face it
Eating disorder/ improper eating habit
Colon cancer
Bowel syndrome irritation

How long does the constipation last relates with the eating habits of a person when he/she is constipated. If a person is facing constipation then he should do following things:
Drinking 2 0r 4 extra glasses of water.
Avoid using laxatives for more than two weeks
A person can get prevention from constipation by exercise on a regular basis

Moreover, an affected person can adopt home remedies for not more than 3 days if it exceeds from 3 days then that individual should consult with a doctor because the severity of constipation won’t let him live like a normal person and at the end he have to go to a doctor, so it’s better to consult with a doctor right after 3 days instead it convert into chronic constipation. Now after reading out this article I hope you would know that how long does the constipation last.