How Long Does The Common Cold Last

The normal question that how long does the common cold last is for everyone these days because the environment is not letting anyone live without suffering from the common cold. How long does the common cold last vary from age to age? If we particularly talk about how long does the common cold last in mature babies then the answer is up to seven colds, generally babies get it very quickly because they play with other children who are not habitual of washing their hands or other noticeable factors in regards of common cold.

Moreover, the causes of common cold are:
– Air — Common cold is viral.
– Direct contact – It can spread easily when an infected person touches himself first and then baby hand or mouth etc
– Contaminated surfaces – Baby can get the virus by touching the contaminated surface such as toy.

Now if, we notice out how long does the common cold last in adults than we won’t get an answer of more than 2 or 3 days for an average person, which is usual but if it stays for more than 3 days then adult should take antibiotics. If we go in depth, then it purely depends on the immune system of an individual. The sensitive immune system’s common cold lasts for more than 3 days.

Now, how long does the common cold last for newly born babies is not behind the reality. Common cold in babies Is a very common thing, but if mother ignore this reality and take it as a normal thing then it can become the serious problem for them in near future because newly born baby’s immune system is so sensitive and babies can’t afford it for so long, their common cold quickly shift into croup or another serious illness. There are some complications which mother’s might face after getting their baby infected like acute ear infection, wheezing, sinusitis and other secondary infections such as croups.

No cure as such one have for common cold but there are several indications of common cold for adults as well as for babies including throat infection, runny nose, irritability, sneezing, difficult sleeping, a low grade fever etc. Throat infection won’t last for more than one day and it resolves quickly

Some prevention proved their affects positively for babies such as:
– Washing hands before feeding your baby
– Pacifiers & toys should be cleaned for babies before given to them
– Keep your baby away from infected person at least in initial days
– When you get back to home wash your face and hands
– Everyone in home should be taught to cough or sneeze in tissue
– Sick person shouldn’t be allowed to touch the little angel

So now how long does the common cold last is not a big or unsolved question anymore. Apart from prevention & symptoms there are some home remedies which may prove fruitful for an individual like take more liquid to avoid dehydration and use humidifier in your room to get yourself away from infection/viral.