How Long Does Teething Last

Growing children give a tough time to their mums especially during their teething. How long does teething last? This is the question asked by several parents. Since teething affects parents and kids, both, therefore one wants to know the exact duration of teething. You will find the answer to the question, how long does teething last, in the following paragraphs of the article.

There is no exact answer to this question but some guidelines can give a clear idea about it. At an age between six to nine months, first tooth of an average baby pokes out. First tooth of all babies poke out at different ages but mostly in between six to nine months. By the end of tenth month, a baby gets central lower incisors. After two months two on the upper front side also appear. These are called as incisors (central). By this time the baby has turned approximately ten months old.

In the eleventh month, incisors (lateral) appear on the upper side. Then by the time the baby turns thirteen months old, he or she has gets lower incisors (lateral) as well. Then after three months, the first molars of the baby appear on top and bottom. Again after three months, canine teeth appear on the upper side. By this time the baby has turned nineteen months old. In the twentieth month, the baby gets canine teeth on the lower side. The baby gets his or her second molars on the lower side in between twenty to twenty seven month. The teething process of the baby completes by the twenty ninth month.

On average the teething process completes in two years and five months. The baby gets new teeth after every two months. This is not the exact answer of how long does teething last. One very important aspect to understand is that the baby gets new teeth during the whole twenty nine months but this teething does not occur all the time. The word ‘teething’ describes the process occurring inside the mouth in which tooth erupts; it comes out of the gums of the baby.

This process is painful and gives discomfort to the baby. In most of the cases, babies tease their mums for eating and drinking since they feel pain in their mouth. They often lose weight during teething. When asked different parents about the actual duration of teething, every one gave a different answer. There is not one answer to how long does teething last.

Some parents told that their babies got their first teeth when he or she had turned ten months old. Some said every teeth takes at least a month to appear clearly in the mouth. Interestingly some parents said that the baby’s teeth took ten to fifteen days to appear completely. Just as we said before, there is not one answer to the question that how long does teething last. We hope this article gave you some good guidelines to understand the teething process of your baby.