How Long Does Suboxone Last

What is suboxone?
Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Suboxone is one of many medications available that are used for the treatment of addiction of opiate and opiod drugs. Suboxone is the most common form of medication that is taken to counter heroin addictions. Suboxone is not an over-the-counter drug, and if one wishes to obtain it, they require a medical prescription from a qualified doctor. People who are looking to get over drug addictions often have a lot of questions about suboxone, including ‘how long does suboxone last?’

How does suboxone function?
Suboxone is strictly used only for people who have severe addictions to drugs such as heroin. This is because it contains Buprenorphine, which is also found in most opiod drugs. However, the concentration of this chemical is less than heroin and other opiod and opiate drugs. As a result, it helps tackle those extreme withdrawal symptoms that normally result when addicts are trying to reduce their consumption of opiod and opiate drugs. The answer to the question, ‘how long does suboxone last?’ depends significantly on the kind of condition it is used to counter.

Can suboxone be misused?
As already seen, suboxone acts as a mild opiod drug. It is not unnatural for the question to arise as to whether it can be misused. Unfortunately, people all over America who initially obtained prescriptions to get over their heroin addictions are misusing suboxone and treating it as a drug. Since it is not as intense a drug as other opiod drugs, people have the tendency to mix it with alcohol, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. This makes the answer to the question ‘how long does suboxone last?’ all the more complicated.

How long does suboxone last?
‘How long does suboxone last?’ is a difficult question to answer, since suboxone tends to react differently in different organisms. However, the most explicit answer to the question would be that suboxone has a halflife anywhere between twenty-four and sixty hours. This means that every time 24-60 hours elapse, the subxone pill that you took in will reduce to half of its weight. The process will continue until the drug has reacted completely with your blood. This means that suboxone has a long-lasting effect, which is one of the many reasons it is the preferred anti-addiction drug in the market today.

Can anyone use suboxone?
It is absolutely imperative that one consults a doctor before they obtain and begin using suboxone. It is only meant to be used in case one is heavily addicted to opiod drugs. The drug should be used alongside counseling, due to its powerful nature. Many people have been known to react unpredictably to this medication, and so it is essential that you know what you are getting yourself into. If you have a fair enough support system and you are regular with suboxone, you will definitely benefit from its long-lasting nature.