How Long Does Spotting Last During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life for both expecting mother and father but the physical pain is almost completely suffered by the mother, if you don’t count the pain the father undergoes while holding the hand of his wife while she is giving birth. Regardless, the outcome is beautiful and the most amazing prize one can ever get. Of all the uncomfortable factors the mother goes through, the most common factor is spotting of blood. Many expecting mothers would often ask their doctors that how long does spotting last during pregnancy but there are some women who get worried and don’t go to the doctor because they are too embarrassed.

The thing to know here is that bleeding and spotting is a very common phenomenon and takes place during the first trimester of the pregnancy. You should get worried only if the amount of blood is more than the amount you usually lose during menstrual cycle or there are severe and painful abdominal cramps accompanied with the spotting. If the time period is more than how long does spotting last during pregnancy usually, i.e. one day then you need to talk to your doctor. Also call your doctor if you are getting spotting in third or second semester because that is not how long does spotting last during pregnancy. These factors can lead to complications risking the life of your beloved new born baby.

The fact related to spotting is that bleeding is very common for pregnant women. Studies have shown that there will be minute to moderate amount of blood spotting in about 30% to 35% women of America. One day is how long does spotting last during pregnancy and any time period longer than this should be considered a symptom requiring serious attention as there can be a chance of miscarriage.

There are many reasons which can lead the body to discharge blood and spotting. The usual causes for bleeding in the first trimester can take place due to sensitivity if vagina due to cervical changes the body undergoes or urinary tract infection. If the bleeding is happen for day more than how long does spotting last during pregnancy then reasons can be miscarriage, molar or ectopic pregnancy. Preterm labor, placenta previa and complicated cervical problems can also cause the body to bleed.

Like mentioned before, few hours to one day is how long does spotting last during pregnancy but even during this time if you are experiencing severe bleeding with cramps or are passing formulated tissues from your vagina, you need to inform your physician to avoid or save yourself from serious maladies. These are the factors which cause miscarriage and harm your reproductive system.

Many women often lose their calm upon sight of blood and confuse bleeding with miscarriage as it is the most imminent sign to indicate miscarriage. 50% women in America who have experienced heavy bleeding during their pregnancy have undergone miscarriages. Other symptoms of miscarriage include fever, chills, hot flashes, pain in body, cramps in lower stomach in the first trimester only.