How Long Does Shingles Last

How long does shingles last?

Shingles is a disease similar to herpes. How long does shingles last will be around 4 weeks from the start to the treatment or healing of the rash. In this kind of disease, there are rashes on the skin in the form of a belt. It is very painful caused by the same zoster virus that is the cause for chickenpox. It is said that if a person has chickenpox in his/her life, the same virus becomes active later on in some cases to cause shingles. A re-occurrence of shingles generally does not take place and the short answer to how long does shingles last will be roughly a few weeks.

Shingles takes place in individuals that have a lower level of immunity and typically happens to a person in his/her 50s and above. When shingles occur, the rash usually occurs from the back portion to the front side on the stomach in the form of a belt. Thereafter blisters are formed and eventually they turn into ulcers. Done with that, the area dries up and the crust gets removed eventually. Thus how long does shingles last is up to 3 to 4 weeks. The rash may also be present on a person’s face, ears, mouth, forehead and even eyes. It is quite painful and can burn too.

As soon as shingles are detected, medication takes place and how long does shingles last will depend on the extent of which it has occurred. Usually it lasts no more than 3 weeks time. If left untreated, the person may also become blind or paralyzed, althouh this is rare and only occurs in extreme cases. Untimely treatment may even lead to an additional bacterium attack that can cause further problems.

When a person gets infected with shingles, the rash area must be kept clean and dry. One should avoid scratching of the area or the blisters as it can possibly spread the infection to other parts of the body. Scratching may also leave spots or marks on the body. If the area gets too itchy or painful, one can rub ice on it to ease off the pain. One cannot prevent oneself from acquiring shingles as it is not predetermined but as mentioned previously usually having chicken pox in one’s life time may lead to the occurrence of shingles later on.

Moreover, the immunity level of a person is also responsible for the disease to take place. Taking on too much stress or having health problems that may weaken your immune system may lead to the outbreak of shingles and even simply old age can cause the disease to occur. How long does shingles last will depend on the condition of the rashes and blisters in the skin.

Shingles can happen to any person who has had chicken pox in his/her early life. How long does shingles last will depend on the situation. Any time the virus that is hidden in the nerves may surface up causing shingles. There is no definite cure to the disease and it may happen suddenly. The only assurance is to let it heal quickly by proper medication. This will also ensure that there are no added complications that may take place. Depending on the care given to oneself from the onset of the disease will determine how long does shingles last.