How Long Does Sciatica Last

Before you begin to ask questions such as how long does sciatica last, you should understand what exactly the symptoms of this condition are. Although identifying sciatica is quite problematic without the help of a medical professional, you should give more weight to where you are experiencing pain, rather than the degree or type of pain you are experiencing. Since sciatica is associated with excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve, most symptoms are focused in or around this nerve.

The sciatic nerve, one of the longest in the human body, goes all the way from the lower part of the back to the bottom of the leg. A good way to determine whether you are suffering from sciatica is to see if you are experiencing any kind of unusual sensation along the length of this nerve. The intensity of pain may vary from a mere tingling sensation to excruciating pain that does not even allow you to move around freely. An almost sure-sign of sciatica is if you are experiencing pain on only one side of your body.

If you think there is even the remotest chance of you having sciatica, you should visit your physician so that they can check you and recommend the best treatment option. Or else, it is possible that the answer to the question how long does sciatica last may not be very positive in nature.

How is sciatica detected?
Before your physician will answer that elusive question how long does sciatica last, he is going to have to make sure you are actually suffering from excessive pressure on your sciatic nerve. Most physicians will not just rely on the presence of symptoms to conclude that this is the cause of your health problems. Rather, they are likely to conduct a number of tests including MRIs, blood tests and x-rays to make sure that other illnesses such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, cancer or meningitis are not behind the pain being caused near your sciatic nerve.

What is the treatment for sciatica?
If you have been diagnosed with sciatica, you are probably wondering what to expect. The answer to the question how long does sciatica last depends primarily on the kind of treatment one is receiving. Since there are a number of different causes of sciatica, the treatment is extremely subjective in nature and hence no two patients receive identical treatments. Based on the results from the tests, doctors are likely to develop an effective treatment plan.

How long does sciatica last?
It is extremely difficult to answer this question. As already established, sciatica treatment varies considerably from one patient to the next, and this plays a part in determining how long patients suffer from sciatica. Few doctors will give you a fixed time period for your illness since not much is still known about the exact cause of sciatica. Various treatments such as injections and physical therapy may help reduce the amount of time sciatica lasts.