How Long Does Ringworm Last

Ringworm is a kind of skin infection caused by dermatophytes. This is a fungi that finds its way through broken skin and small cuts to get into the body. Initially it seems that ringworm will last forever but actually this is not the case. Patients having this infection ask how long does ringworm last. This is because they feel it will not go away ever. Minimum two weeks is the answer of how long does ringworm last.

Yes this is absolutely true. If you will ask your doctor that how long does ringworm last? He would give the same answer. You basically need patience to get rid of it. Its presence causes raised lesions, itchiness and redness on the skin. Ringworm grows on scalp, legs, hands, arms and on trunk as well. It thrives in warm and moist conditions. Humidity and friction will help grow the ringworm. It is contagious. One potential ringworm causing source is pets. Sharing clothing and towels may also cause ringworm development.

There are several easy ways of getting rid of ringworm. Use medications such as anti-fungal ones, powders and sprays that are easily available. In severe cases always consult your doctor. They will prescribe you oral medications which are effective than the rest of medications. Oral medications have some side effects also.

Ringworms usually vanish themselves. It should be proactively treated especially in cases of those who have low immunity system. If you are having ringworm that is highly itchy and red and yet you are not treating it then there is a chance of getting it transmitted to others. The fungi of ringworms reproduce spores. Medications take in between two to four weeks.

Chronic ringworms have a cycle. They keep on occurring even after the use of a potential medication. The prescribed medications should always be consumed on time and should not be stopped immediately. Potential anti-fungi can be used to stop infection in cases of chronic ringworms. Anti-fungi treatments are available in form of creams, sprays and powders and one can buy them according to his or her feasibility. How long does ringworm last in such conditions depends on your routine and how keen you are on following the prescribed treatment.

Having a ringworm is a common disease especially through pets. It is therefore advised to keep your pets clean. Also it is very important to keep their carpets and baskets, in which they sleep, neat and clean. If you get a cut or broken skin, cover it immediately so to avoid insertion of any fungi. An open cut welcomes a lot of bacteria and infections.

In some cases two or three ringworms appear simultaneously. This is a worst condition. Only a doctor can advised the best medicine in this case. Ringworms can be eradicated successfully but one needs patience and a positive approach. Ringworms do not leave a mark; they go with time but the treatment should never be delayed.
This article would have provided you a detail explanation of how long does ringworm last. You can similar answers online. You can even view images of ringworm to get a much better idea of it.