How Long Does Restylane Last

Restylane is a specific formulation of non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid formed in injectable fillers. It is relatively a newer mode of rejuvenation and is mostly considered to be a cosmetic treatment although at times people use it for medical reasons. It works with the affected area injected and treated with minimal amounts of hyaluronic gel which soaks through dermal tissue and connects with water molecules. It makes the skin look radiant, flawless and smooth and at the same time it fills areas on our skin. It is ideal if you wish to appear younger than you are because it makes the wrinkles disappear from your face. How long does restylane last depends on the area that is treated and the amount that is injected.

It is usually used for the enhancement of lips and contouring chin, forehead and nose and providing volume. It may also be used for tackling ageing consequences showing up all over the face, to the eyes and chin. It can even change the whole complex of the skin by making it look all new and glowing. The gel acts like a body fluid and therefore does not have any rejection or adverse reaction from the body. Many a times people ask question that how long does restylane last before getting it, to which various resources reply with various time periods.

The answer to the question of how long does restylane last is that the injection takes around forty minutes but the effects can last to up to 6 to 8 months. For consistent vitalized skin, you need to get the procedure done from time to time as it can only last for around six to twelve months depending on the person’s physical factors attributing to the body.

The recovery time for a treatment is around two to three days. To make restylane last longer you have to support it by embracing a certain lifestyle, but that is not enough. It also depends on the area that is being injected. It is also claimed that restylane can last up to eighteen months provided you go for a follow up session after five or nine months.

The side effects of the treatment that immediately follow could be severe. The skin could be damaged by swelling or the temporary bruising for a few days. They can last up to four days but they are slight enough to conceal with makeup. However, these side effects can also be cured by an enzyme named hyalunoridase, which speeds up the natural degradation of injected Restylane.

Although the side effects of restylane are rare and not very harmful, we should take care that it should not be injected in body parts where there has been some kind of skin disease or the areas around it or areas of inflammation. The patient should decide to get operated with restylane only after knowing how long does Restylane last and becoming aware of all its consequences. Viewing the before and after pictures of the results help you in matching your expectations with reality.

It is recommended that before you undergo this procedure, you should bring into knowledge your whole medical history to the physician in your pre-treatment consultation. How long does restylane last its effects depends on the individual’s skin and body structure, ages, hereditary and other factors.