How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System

How long does pot stay in your system?

Many a high school athlete as well job searchers having to get tested for drugs have asked the same questions to their peers and themselves; “How long does pot stay in your system?” the amount of urgency surrounding this question is apparent easily when you try looking into the top questions in forums for drug use. It’s always something related to, “How long does pot stay in your system?”

The effect of pot in the human body is dependent on how much THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) it contains. The problem is, there is no uniform amount when it comes to THC. It keeps varying in different batches of pot. If you happen to know precisely how much THC there is in the pot at hand, you might be able to answer how long does pot stay in the system. Depending on THC content, the number of days can be anywhere between 3 to 90. So once again, the answer is going to be vague, as a big part of the duration of time that pot stays in the system is also contingent on other factors. These can be grouped under three headings:

• Your health and lifestyle
• Your body mass, diet and metabolism
• The frequency with which you took drugs (and potency of the drug as mentioned above)

So, to answer the question how long does marijuana stay in the system, you need to be able to look at the above issues and be aware of how each one impacts the way that marijuana behaves in your body. If you are a frequent pot user; the pot is going to remain longer than someone who smoked it just a couple of times. Again, people who are slim/thin are able to flush out the drugs from their system faster than heavier or fatter people. If you used it only once, it can stay in the system for 4-10 days; if you’re recreational user weed (2-4 times per month), on an average, 10 – 20 days is necessary to be clean. Again, a daily user would take from 50-60 days needed to cleanse.

In case you need to clear a drug test, most common being urine testing for drugs; and that being the reason you are having to ask how long does pot stay in the system, there are ways to work around this problem. In the market today, there are lots of marijuana detox kits available. Surprisingly, contrary to popular perception, the amount of water that you consume has no bearing at all on the time you take to rid your system of pot. This is because of the basic structure of pot. It happens to be fat soluble. It is sucked in by the fat cells of the body; in the lungs, livers etc.

That is not all; pot can be detected in the human hair for a maximum period of up to three years after use. So, how long does pot stay in the system? Anywhere from 3 days to 3 months; and if it’s for hair testing, it can stay for up to 3 years.