How Long Does Pollen Last

Pollen is very fine powdered substance. Usually yellow, the microscopic grains are discharged from the male part of a flower. It contains the micro gametophytes of plant seeds, which create the sperm cells or male gametes. Pollen grains are protected with a hard surface that safeguards the sperm while transportation from the male flower to its female counter part.

As soon as the grain lands on a well-matched female flower, it goes through germination and creates a pollen tube that transports the sperm to the female gametophyte or ovule. Individual grains of pollen are so small that they require magnification to study the structure in detail. The study of pollen is highly useful in archeology, paleontology, forensics and paleoecology and is commonly known as palynology.

The fact that Romans and Greeks opted for the regular pollen intake to increase stamina is quite surprising. During those times it was an essential part of their diet on a daily basis. Pollen was like their energy bar that they can reach out to anytime. It was not for them to worry about ‘how long does pollen last’

While we discuss the storage of pollen and how long does pollen last, let’s consider how we harvest pollen in the new age and modern times. Things have evolved, the environment has changed. We now live in large urban, densely populated areas unlike the Roman or Greek era. Harvesting the pollen is not that simple anymore, you have to worry about the many pesticides and radiation effects.

Ideally people prefer growing their own pollen, yet they are very much aware of the complications and the difficulties involved. They are not aware of the right feed or the plantation requirements for optimal products. Sadly, they are also not aware that the beekeepers are feeding bees with fructose syrup and antibiotics.

However, countries like Canada and New Zealand are still not polluted like others and farly safe for pollen. The west country side of New Zealand, Australia and some remote areas in Canada remain the most favourable locations for the production of pollen. You are not allowed to practice any sory of intense or GM farming. Farmers are not allowed to use pesticides because the area is near a nature reserve. The question remains, how long does the pollen last in the breezy winds blowing from Antarctica cooling the world.

Once you have bought pollen, how long does pollen last? This majorly depends on various factors, the methodology of acquisition being one of the most important ones. To keep the nutrients intact you need to follow the procedure stated below so that there are no worries about mould or oxidation. You need to freeze or flash the pollen right after it is collected. Generally you can store it in the fridge for up to a year if the rules are followed. The granules are hard to digest; therefore it is better to use capsules or pills
You will have to look at a few things if you want to go for the capsule form and avoid the confined pollen scene. Here, you do not have to worry about questions like how long does pollen last.