How Long Does PMS Last

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a collection of emotional symptoms with or without physical symptoms related to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Most females when come in their child bearing age usually experience according to report thereon 85% of such women who are convinced to have a situation like that. All of its symptoms are normally related to the ovulatory functions. Now let’s see how long does PMS last.

Culturally varied the term PMS is understood in English speaking countries to refer to the discomfort experienced during and before the menstruation cycle.

Before we discuss how long does PMS last let’s see the causes and symptoms of PMS. The exact symptoms and its intensity vary significantly from woman to woman, and even from cycle to cycle in certain cases. Many women with premenstrual syndrome experience only a few of the possible symptoms, in an expected manner. For example, one woman with PMS may be depressed or tense for 3 or 4 days before her menstrual period begins, and this will happen with only small variations, such as being somewhat more emotional or tense than in previous cycles.

Those who asked how long does PMS last here is a quick answer to this question. PMS usually lasts 3 to 5 days before the menstruation period and persists during the period which makes it 10 to 12 days average. It is not that long as it seems to be because of the adverse effects it has on an individual and also the people related. However in young girls it may last for 5 to 7 days. The truth is that in some, it may last longer while in others it might be there for a short period.

To simply describe the right timings of PMS we can conclude that:
You may have certain symptoms which starts to show ovulation after sometime and occur 2 weeks before the periods start. These symptoms typically occur during the five days before a period. However, some women have it for two weeks or so leading it to the whole period duration.

Or you may have symptoms that go within three to four days after your period starts.
Also, an interesting fact is that PMS cannot be tested, so the diagnosis is done on the basis of the symptoms of PMS.
Some of the time it’s hard to recognize if your symptoms are due to PMS, or due to other conditions such as anxiety or depression. The physician may tell you to keep a diary keep a record of all the symptoms for a few months.
Now you must have an idea how long does PMS last now let’s discuss what can be options to cope with the situation? The question might haunt you, but the truth is there are many treatments that have been tried over the years. There are a few that have proven to work since it’s a natural phenomenon. The treatment for PMS may take a long period to work fully and properly. Due to the fact it’s difficult to keep track of how each month the condition has varied and what is the affect of the ongoing treatment. So it is hard to decide whether the treatment has proven to work or not. Sometimes however its symptoms are a bit easier with time and use of a certain treatment.

This article must have given you the answer of your critical questions regarding PMS which includes what is PMS? How long does PMS last? And what are the treatment to cope up with this situation.