How Long Does Plan B Side Effects Last

We are all aware of contraceptive methods that can be used on a regular basis to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Some of these contraceptives are in the form of hormonal pills that have to be taken in a particular cycle by the woman. On the other hand contraceptives like condoms are to be used by men. In spite of all the awareness of the availability of proper contraceptive methods there are some times when an unplanned occurrence can lead to into trouble. These are the times when emergency contraceptives, more popularly known as morning after pills become useful. Plan B is one of the most popular morning after contraceptive available in the market. However, before using this pill you should know how long does plan B side effects last

In spite of the fact that plan B has some uncomfortable side effects, these side effects are easier to manage than those caused by other morning after pills available in the market. Some of the more common side effects include:

Pain in the Abdomen – If you wish to know how long does plan B side effects last when there are abdominal pains, it is good to know that these pains subside in intensity and frequency within 6-7 hours after taking the pill. Some women get these cramps like pains in the lower abdomen region. Others however report shooting pains that happen near the lower obliques or side muscles. On the other hand, some women may not feel any pain whatsoever.
Changes in the pattern of menstruation – All female contraceptive products alter the menstruation cycle of a woman and plan B is no different. How long does plan B side effects last as far as changes in the menstruation cycle are concerned. Well with some women there is unusually lighter or heavier menstruation for 2-3 months after taking the pill. While other women other women might experience infrequency of menstrual cycles for this period. It is also normal if you experience blood spotting in between the menstruation. These changes occur because the contraceptive targets the egg cells in the woman’s reproductive system.

Dizziness and nausea – Although most women do not feel these symptoms, some women report that they feel nausea and dizziness immediately after taking these pills. How long does plan B side effects last as far as dizziness and nausea are concerned varies from one woman to another. This kind of situation can last from a few minutes up to a few hours after taking the pill. It is a good idea to rest yourself and sleep for some time to overcome these symptoms. You should also avoid the consumption of food for one or two hours to avoid throwing up.

Fatigue – How long does plan B side effects last as far as fatigue is concerned stays as long as you are taking the pill. Some women feel tired easily and faster after taking the pill. Other women feel a weakness in the limbs and an overall tiredness. You can easily overcome these symptoms by taking short naps in the day and full eight hours of sleep in the night. Hence plan B is a great contraceptive if you know how to deal with the side effects.