How Long Does Plan B Last?

How long does Plan B last?

The question as to how long does Plan B last has been a matter of concern. Having sex without protection, you would depend on the effectiveness of Plan B – emergency birth prevention pill. Typically, Plan B consists of two pills; one to be taken after the act but within a span of 72 hours, and the other pill after 12 hours from the first pill taken. Nowadays companies are designing solutions where taking both the pills together may also prove effective. Depending on what time you have had unsafe sex and when you will consume the pill can determine how long does Plan B last.

Plan B is useful for controlling birth after having unsafe sex, but it does not help in terminating pregnancy. It lessens the probability of becoming pregnant, and has to be taken within a period of 5 days of unsafe sex. Of course the sooner it is taken, the lesser is the uncertainty of getting pregnant. Thus how long does Plan B last will be based on you. Taking it within 24 hours of having sex without protection is the most effective.

A very important point to be kept in mind is that the pill taken before indulging in sexual activity may not be effective and is never recommended as it is very different than birth control. It may not help to prevent pregnancy thereon and hence there is no question or answer of how long does Plan B last in these cases. It has to be taken only after sexual intercourse to prevent any germination of the egg. For this reason, Plan B should not be confused with a morning pill. Plan B operates only after a sexual act is performed. It does not act as a shield to go on having sex even after its consumption. It is only functional after the act.

This is not to say that the dependency on Plan B is not quite effective in nature. It does prevent the egg to get inseminated. To get rid of any hassles of unwanted pregnancy, Plan B is an option after having sexual intercourse without any worn protection. It works best when it is immediately taken after the act, to avoid any occurrence of risks.

Birth prevention pills were generally taken to avoid any unintended pregnancy. It was for urgency sake. But today it has become a trend for women, and also younger girls to swallow such pills now and then. Unsafe sex, mainly for pleasure these days, compels youngsters to consume Plan B on a regular basis. It is also easily available in most of the medical shops, therefore, a booming and unfortunate easy way out for the young couples. Though it is safe and one can rely on how long plan B will last, there are side effects namely sickness or pain in the stomach, vomiting and the like. It also disrupts the monthly menstrual cycle.

In actuality, how long does Plan B last is not totally predictable. It does not guarantee a 100% stopping of pregnancy as none of these pills till date assure a full fledged result. Their effectiveness lies on the period in which unsafe sex has taken place. At times, due to the already release of an egg, the entrance of a sperm to germinate the egg becomes easy. This results in the woman becoming pregnant. It is then met with an abortion, providing severe disruption to the female body. But still to avoid any pregnancy, after having unsafe sex, women should depend around 95% on how long does Plan B last.