How Long Does Pink Eye Last

How long does pink eye last?

In short, it depends on the cause of the pink eye. Lets start with the basics; pink eye is also called conjunctivitis and is usually listed under this name in medical books, additionally many types of pink eye are contagious before any symptoms appear.

Pink eye is the inflammation of the conjunctiva or white of the eye. It causes redness and discomfort with an itchy and scratchy feeling and can produce a discharge. Sometimes upon waking up, the eyelids are stuck together.

Pink eyes are caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, or bad allergies. The bacterial infection is spread by hand-to-eye contact. Antibiotic eye drops are used to treat this kind of pink eye.

How long does pink eye last, and how long does it stay contagious? After twenty-four hours of antibiotics, pink eye should cease to be contagious.

Viral pink eye is associated with colds, sore throats, measles etc. With viral pink eye, the symptoms get worse three to five days after the initial infections. Eye drops are used for soothing the irritation and swelling. How long does pink eye last? The viral pink eye can last up to three weeks but usually goes away within days. When the eyes look and feel normal then the contagion is gone.

Allergic pink eye can be caused by cosmetics, contact cleaning solutions, and pollen. Antihistamine eye drops are used to sooth the allergy while removing the causative substance. How long does pink eye last? The pink eye usually gets better within twenty-four hours after removal of allergen.

There are many home remedies for children and adults with pink eye.
1. Putting mittens on babies and small children helps with the rubbing of their eyes and a slice of bread on the infected eye reduces the itchiness and swelling.
2. Believe it or not is somewhat common for lactating mothers to flush out their infant’s eyes with breast milk.
3. Cold or warm compresses help reduce the pink eye symptoms in children and adults.
4. Adults can also try the following: Two cups of boiled water that is cooled is mixed with one tablespoon of boric acid or one tablespoon of baking soda on a wash cloth, which is then put on the eyes for ten minutes and then a cold compress of ice cubes in a wash cloth is put on the infected eyes.
5. Another method is: Cold chamomile, green, or black tea bags can be placed on infected eyes to soothe pain and itchiness.
6. One tablespoon of pure honey can be added to one half cup of water and the two drops of that solution can be put in infected eyes several times a day.
7. Eyes can be flushed out with warm water and a touch of baby shampoo.
8. Jasmine and chamomile flowers can be soaked overnight and strained for another solution. The solution can be dropped into the eyes to soothe them.

Always use cotton balls to wipe around the eyes and keep wash clothes, towels, bed sheets, and pillow cases clean and fresh. Here are some tips for prevention of the pink eye. Don’t share wash clothes, towels, contact lenses, and use a hand disinfectant often. Counter tops, bathroom vanities faucet handles and shared phones should be disinfected often. Ask a doctor how to minimize allergy symptoms before they start. Wear swimming goggles, remove contact lenses before getting in any water of any kind to prevent pink eye.