How Long Does Opiate Withdrawal Last

Drug addiction has been a scourge in our society for a very long time. Among the different drugs that people use, cocaine and opiate are the most addictive and cause a lot of withdrawal symptoms when an addict tries to shake off the habit. How long does opiate withdrawal last depends from person to person, but usually the severe symptoms last for 3-7 days at least. Not only is opiate withdrawal painful both physically and psychologically it can prove to be dangerous and sometimes fatal if not treated properly. As compared to opiate drugs like marijuana are easier to quit as they have less severe withdrawal symptoms.

The opiate withdrawal symptoms include sweating, shaking, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness and extremely sensitive muscles and nerves similar to flu, diarrhea and vomiting etc. During the time that these withdrawal symptoms plague a person, it becomes impossible for him or her to function normally either physically or mentally. This is the reason that a person who is trying to quit the addiction of opiate should be aware of how long does opiate withdrawal last, so that they can make provisions for themselves accordingly. Professional care and treatment is extremely necessary for opiate withdrawal and attempting to endure it on your own will just drive you back to the drug due to the intense pain and discomfort that quitting it causes.

Heroin is the most common opiate drug and so are pharmaceutical versions like vicodin Percocet and oxycontin. The affects of taking these drugs is an accelerated heart rate, high energy and motivation levels, nausea, dizziness, excess sleep, vomiting constipation etc. depending on how much drug a person has ingested. Opiate drugs can both be smoked or injected in the veins with a needle which is known as mainlining. Mainlining is extremely dangerous and there are many fatalities among people who mainline opiate drugs. This is the reason that it is necessary to quit this addiction once you have studied how long does opiate withdrawal last.

Opiate drugs interfere with the body nervous system and other organs and slowly the body becomes used to these effects. Hence when the drug is stopped or reduced in dosage, the body reacts violently. There are many rehab centers that use different techniques to reduce the actual withdrawal symptoms and also regulate how long does opiate withdrawal last. The popular drug to prevent opiate withdrawal symptoms is seboxin. However, this drug is not easily available and very few doctors are licensed to prescribe it.

Another method that is slowly becoming popular is rapid detox which is an anesthesia based treatment which is popularly known as the neuro regulation or Weismann method. This is a painless way of quitting opiate addiction and also reduces the time for how long does opiate withdrawal last. Some people also benefit from hypnosis as a treatment for the drug addiction. Hypnosis is especially helpful in combating the psychological craving for the drug along with reducing the physical symptoms. Hypnosis when combined with other treatments can give great results and a person can get rid of the addiction with minimum pain and discomfort.