How Long Does Niacin Stay In Your System

Niacin is among one of the five vitamins needed for the body, it belongs to the B family of vitamins. Niacin is also a vitamin which is water soluble and is used as a drug to lower down the cholesterol level. It can help in reducing a heart attack. It is considered as one of the most inexpensive drug to lower down the cholesterol level effectively. Niacin with a wide range of benefits also possess many after effects; it can cause itching and inflammation in skin with some redness, can increase sugar level in the blood, increase flu syndrome and vision problems. It is necessary to remove niacin from the body to prevent any side effects. First of all you should know how long does niacin stay in your system? After that, you have to take precautionary measures to eliminate the niacin from the body.

In order to get a clear idea about how long does niacin stay in your system and how you can get rid of it, a person needs to know what are different forms of niacin available in the market and how each type react for the human body.

Niacin is available in many forms including nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and inosito hexaniacinate. The major purpose of nicotinic acid is to bring down the level of cholestrol in the body of a human as well as increase the level of lipoprotein in the body. But, with these advantages it also has some major setback. There is high risk of liver failure using this type of niacin. Other minor effects can be palpitation, skin irritation and flushing. This has to be used only when the doctor prescribed such type of medication, due to this it is important to know for how long does niacin stay in your system and provide you the health benefits. After this it should be removed away from the body.

Niacin has a unique ability to make your body relax and sometimes it also serves the purpose to sleep peacefully at night. It also reduces the probability of cardiovascular diseases and provides protection against some type of skin cancer. Diabetic can also be controlled through the niacin dose as prescribed by the doctor. You should keep in touch with your physician before and after taking any dose of niacin drugs.

Even though, niacin provides lots of health benefits, but too much dose of niacin is very dangerous for the body. It can cause too much sugar and uric acid in the blood which can lead to hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia. It can also cause liver damage, blindness and in some severe cases it cause severe toxic reaction and cause immediate death.

The presence of niacin in a human body for a longer period of time is quite dangerous. To know about how long does niacin stay in your system, here is an estimated time recorded by the researchers. If the normal dose has been taken than niacin doesn’t have a long life in the body, it starts reacting in a human body within 20 to 45 minutes and lower down the plasma drug level. It should be out from the human body in 110 to 247mins i.e. 2 to 4 hours.

How long does niacin stay in your system varies from person to person, gender and dose. Normal consumption of niacin will take maximum 5 hours to excrete from the body. Although, it might take 3 to 5 days to wear off completely.