How Long Does Morning Sickness Last

How long does morning sickness last?

During the early months of pregnancy the expecting mother suffers from ‘Morning Sickness’ with vomiting and nausea. This is caused due to the one or more biological changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman. There is an increased hormonal level of estrogen, an increase in the acids of stomach; an increase in the level of stress and emotions due to the hormonal changes as well as fatigue. So no matter how long does morning sickness last? The morning sickness is not only bound to occur during the dawn, but also may strike at noon or during the night (even though it is the same symptoms people seem to identify it as morning sickness regardless of time of day).

How long does morning sickness last, is a question for which the answer may vary from one person to another. To some women it can happen from a few weeks to a few months, while for the others it may last longer than that. Although during the later part of the pregnancy the morning sickness might not be a major occurrence yet the mild nausea and queasiness may come from time to time throughout. The increased level of sense of smell during pregnancy may also be a major factor that triggers this sickness. How long the morning sickness does last is also dependent on the psychological condition of the woman during the pregnancy, according to some doctors.

Although a little clichéd yet morning sickness are the first signs of pregnancy. Almost all the women experience morning sickness. Far from being a cause of concern, it is very normal to have morning sickness during the time of pregnancy. For as long does the morning sickness last, it is a normal thing yet there are a few factors that may add a boost to the morning sickness are: If a person normally feels travel sickness then that person is most likely to feel it as sickness of pregnancy is connected to the balance mechanism of the ear; being tired and hungry increases the nausea; if the mother is expecting twins or triplets are some of the few causes. Even though the cause of the morning sickness is unknown although the increased level of pregnancy hormones plays a crucial part in it. It eventually slows down so it must not bother you of how long does morning sickness last.

Morning sickness is something which is common and unfaltering thing about pregnancy, yet it comes into action at around the sixth week of pregnancy, this is when the real vomiting and nausea feeling starts to make you sick for real. This goes on for some more weeks and finally improves during the 14th to 16th week of pregnancy. However how long does the morning sickness last is something that has to be experienced by the person herself to actually know about it. With the feeling of nausea and vomiting if there is pain, headache and fever that might add to the unease calls for you to consult a doctor, as these symptoms indicate something else from a normal morning sickness.