How Long Does Mono Last

How long does mono last?

Infectious mononucleosis or mono is a well known illness in Northern America. This illness, is brought about due to a virus which is transferred orally mostly by fluids exchange, which is why it is often refereed to as the kissing disease. This disease is common in many grown ups, young adults, and even children. If an adult is identified as a carrier of the symptoms of it then the infectious mononucleosis indicators are easily seen by everyone. But in the instance of it affecting young teens and children the signs or the symptoms are not easily recognizable, so it is incredibly challenging to say whether a person is affected or not if he/she is of that age bracket. There are numerous infectious mononucleosis leads to which one should know off and once these are identified we can determine how long does mono last given the particular circumstances of the person infected.

Infectious mononucleosis is transmitted into the body via the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which is transferred easily from one person other. The illness is a viral disorder which spreads very easily. A way that one can identify this disorder is that it’s scientifically known as Filatov’s disorder or glandular fever. “ Mono” is a kissing condition which is very infectious and it is just one of the types of herpes virus that is easily transmitted. This is why it can be common among grownup people and teenagers between the ages of 16-18 years old, and is particularly prevalent at places like college campuses.

It has also affected children, but the signs are not so apparent in them as the signs and symptoms of mononucleosis are not noticeable in children, similar to the early stages of some forms of the normal cold and flu. According to research it is said that this disease is not afflicted only in the urban cities but also nationwide, and there are many, many different strands of the virus, which is why it is hard to tackle the question and answer how long does mono last because it can be months until it is accurately detected.

The signs and symptoms which most have to deal with are fever, tiredness, sore throat, and extreme exhaustion. If a male or female is diagnosed with it at quite an early stage the indications are not so obvious. The mononucleosis symptoms will be apparent after sometime, but it is not uncommon for one to feel fine when first diagnosed, for even up to a week. The incredibly frequent indicators incorporates the sudden loss of weight, exhaustion, soreness of the throat, swollen glands, fever, malaise, reduction of appetite, and many more.

The other indicator of this illness is what is known as lymphadenopathy, which in normal person speak refers to large lymph nodes. There is also another indicator which is hepatitis which brings some kind of irritation in the cells of the liver and in some occasions can cause a lot of harm on the red blood cells. There are a lot of mononucleosis indicators which one can easily notice, such as the redness of the throat and difficulties in swallowing solid and liquid foods and refreshments. Although these can be common symptoms for a lot of illnesses you should be seeking treatment from a doctor whenever symptoms such as these spike.

So, how long does mono last? Hopefully you see that it really depends on when it is detected and knowing those warning signs are the best way to get help. Once you are undergoing the necessary treatments mono usually lasts for about a month but has been known to last up to 6 months in some rare cases. The longer it goes undiagnosed the longer the effects will usually rear their ugly head.