How Long Does Menstruation Last

Many teenage girls will usually ask how long does menstruation last. They normally ask their mothers, their older friends in school or a medical specialist. But, sadly enough, not only teenage girls tend to be insecure about their menstruation length; many grown women aren’t aware of their monthly cycle’s irregularities until it is too late. So, if you are wondering how long does menstruation last on an average rate, you can find an answer from any specialist article. But discovering the specifics, in your case, may take a lot more.

What is the menstrual cycle and how does it manifest?
The menstrual cycle is basically a cycle of changes occurring in a woman’s body every month. The process begins with the ovaries releasing an egg as part of the ovulation process. This is the period when the woman’s body is ready for possible pregnancy. If, at the end of the ovulation process, the egg isn’t fertilized, it will be eliminated through a lining built in the uterus and this is known as monthly bleeding or menstrual cycle. If you want to know how long does menstruation last averagely, the period can vary from three to five days, but there are many women who have a longer period, as others have shorter ones. Normal menstruation can last up to eight days, but if it goes beyond that, there is something going wrong and you should consult a physician.

How can you figure out what is normal for you?
As a teenage girl, your first year or two of menstruation will present many irregularities, but this should get fixed in time. Many young women have reported 10 day long periods, months with absent menstruation or cycles occurring twice per month. This is not abnormal, in any way, but it is best for every young woman to go to a doctor and beside asking how long does menstruation last, also find info on contraception and genital health facts.

If, however, after two years your monthly cycle is not getting within normal ranges, it is definitely time to start deeper investigations into the state of your health. Women who experience abnormal bleeding, heavy cycles, and too much pain should really keep this under control.

A few irregularities that occur during monthly menstrual cycles
Abnormal uterine bleeding can involve episodes that occur after sex, between the monthly cycles. This can be triggered by a series of serious conditions, uterine fibrosis and even cancer. So don’t wait around asking yourself how long does menstruation last and why does it involve bleeding episodes throughout the month, go for a medical checkup.

Dysmenorrhea involves severe pain episodes. These can be quite common in teenagers but in older women, it may be caused by endometriosis or uterine fibroids, or other genital conditions.

Amenorrhea is basically synonymous with lack of menstruation. In adult women, causes can be pregnancy, eating disorders, stress or a variety of medical conditions.

By paying regular visits to a gynecologist and taking care of your sexual health, you won’t need to worry about how long does menstruation last.