How Long Does Menopause Last

How long does menopause last?

Throughout the course of time our bodies go through various changes, some are physically seen while others happen within your body. There is no doubt that a women’s body goes through many more changes compared to men, the inside of a women has much more complexity than its opposite gender. The menstruation cycle that occurs every month in all women is one of the natural processes that happen within the female body, but when this cycle stops the body goes through some very intense changes that alter the entire hormone system inside the body eventually resulting in Menopause.

As the name suggests Menopause stops your menstrual cycle and the ovaries no longer form eggs, which prevents you from getting pregnant ever again. This usually happens when a woman gets older and reaches her non-fertile age, but many cases have been seen where the menopause occurs in early age and prevents even the younger women to become pregnant. But since menopause can’t be avoided the only sensible thing would be to ask, how long does menopause last? And how many symptoms will the body be experiencing while going through this change?

Though there are many symptoms experienced in the Menopause, some might be sever than others and might be a little difficult to handle for many women. This change will affect the entire body and the symptoms would vary from irregular periods, where your periods will end slowly and eventually your periods will cease causing various sleeping problems and unnecessary mood swings. Many women who see this coming prepare themselves for this phase of their life; they maintain a healthy diet and remain physically fit to minimize the symptoms. But the symptoms might still affect quite a bit because of the hormones that are ever changing with the age.

You should face the fact that you are not a teenager anymore, and these hormone changes are completely opposite to the one’s you had in your teen. It was a bit easier to tackle the symptoms at that age but now it can get a touch difficult. Make sure to understand the age factor and as far as the question how long does menopause last goes, understand that it all depends on how well you take care of yourself. Depending on your lifestyle the menopause may stop within few years but there is no guarantee that the menopause won’t start again. Sometimes, women who smoke a lot and don’t take care of themselves, experience the worst hot flashes and night sweats. Though you may consult many doctors and consume any medication the symptoms won’t stop until you quit smoking and start a healthy diet.

So next time before you ask how long does menopause last, make sure to understand the complete procedure that leads up to this stage and prepare yourself before it’s too late because once menopause starts you will have very little time to adjust to the changes. If you fail to adapt to your menopause you will suffer from various symptoms for many years to come and the suffering may never stop, so get in touch with your inner body as soon as possible.

So to tie things up, and in short certain symptoms, like dryness in the vaginal area and urinary symptoms, may persist into the postmenopause, but usually go away, or become less severe, in about a year after the last full period. Other symptons, such as hot flashes have even been reported by women over 70, but they usually do not last more than 5 years or so.