How Long Does Lasik Last

How long does lasik last?

In this hectic, fast growing and pollution filled world, there are many kinds of infections and problems to the human body, which are generated through the atmospheric pollution and also from the technological and consumer point of view. There are so many diseases that are man-made and then there are such unseen virus and bacteria’s which are nature’s gift to all of us, but in the world of today most of the diseases are generated by none other than us. Because nowadays scientists are practicing to cure many deadly diseases and by doing so are making multiple kind of diseases themselves.

Eye sight weakness is mostly a man-made disease, these days all small children and adults play video games, watch movies and read books day and night without being aware of the fact that all these excessive activities will eventually weaken their eye sight. In many cases this lifestyle affects the eyes at a very young age and many children are forced to use various spectacles and lens according to their requirement. But wait; there is a way where everyone can get back their perfect eye sight once more. Finally doctors have come up with a solution called Lasik, as many of you may already know that it is a laser surgery but how long does Lasik last? Every patient has different kind of symptoms in their eyes. Symptoms vary from person to person like some have infection in their retina which is cured but then that retina stays unstable and gets tempered again.

So how long does Lasik last? Is really the question that is often answered in confusing way, doctors say that it lasts forever but that condition applies to only some patients. It also depends on the person who just got through to this surgery because if he does not take care of his eyes and again carries on the same lifestyle, he will surely lose the gift of perfect eye sight yet again. The other consequence of the surgery is that, if the specialist is not that much experienced, he can also destroy the retina by mishandling the equipment and the consequences may become disastrous. As the human eye is very sensitive, extra measures have to be adapted while performing laser surgery.

Before the surgery the doctors completely examine the eye and perform surgery only when they are sure that no other method can be effective. How long does Lasik last? is the only question that is the mind of the patient while preparing for this surgery. It can last for as long as the patient takes care of it, and you will remain happy with the surgery forever but if you don’t adapt proper measures to protect your eyes you will end up wasting all the money that you spent on the surgery. It is an outstanding alternative to spectacles and lenses and many people spend huge chunks of money to get their perfect eye sight restored so that they may never have a blur moment in their life ever again.

So how long does lasik last? Well if you are careful then it should be forever!