How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking

How long does it take to quit smoking?

How long have you been smoking? Maybe you started when you were 18. Maybe you started before that or maybe you started when you were 55. So you may have been smoking for years, maybe 5, 10, even 20, or more. Some people smoke for decades before they decide that they don’t want to anymore. It’s difficult to quit and of course there are so many different methods that you can use. They all claim to take different lengths of time, but of course, the pros will substantially outweigh the cons (are there any?) if you decide to quit. So how long does it take to quit smoking?

Well the length of time that it will take to quit will depend on a number of factors. For one thing, you will have to decide what method you are going to use to quit. Some people are able to just say that they are done smoking, put down the cigarette and never pick it up again, but most people can’t, so you need to find a plan that will work for you. There are many different kinds of gums and patches that are available over-the-counter or with a prescription. You may have to try a few different methods before you find one that works.

So you see which method you choose could change the length of time that quitting will take. Some methods simply want you to stop smoking slowly over a span of time. These could take you months to get down to nothing at all. Others want you to stop smoking immediately and use other nicotine-based products to wean you off the addiction. So you would stop smoking almost immediately but you would still be using nicotine. If you choose to stop smoking on your own without the assistance of any of these products it could take you even longer. Many people go through withdrawal symptoms which can range in severity from minor headaches to severe pains that can keep one in bed, however the latter is rare, and the former is more along the lines of the norm.

Truthfully the amount of time it will take you to quit smoking is variable and alot depends on how long you have been a smoker for, although in some cases people have become addicted very quickly. It also depends on how many cigarettes you smoke a day, what you’re willing to do to quit, how dedicated you are to quitting and how addicted your body is to the cigarettes. All of these things will play a role in determining how long it will take you to stop smoking. For example, if you really aren’t sure that you want to quit then it will be even harder for you to do so. If you are highly addicted, it could take you a long time as well because your body will go through stronger withdrawal. Being around smoke and/or many people that smoke is often described as one of the major downfalls for people looking to quit. Even if there is no pressure the simple smell and sense that second hand smoke gives to someone who used to smoke or is trying to quit smoking, can be difficult to handle and may cause urges.

If you’re thinking about quitting and you’re wondering how long does it take to quit smoking, it will depend on a number of factors. You will have to take a lot of different things into consideration. It could take you a few days to a few months to a year or more to stop smoking completely. It will all depend on you and your level of commitment. No matter how strong your addiction or how long you’ve been smoking, if you’re committed to quitting you can do it.