How Long Does It Take To Know Your Pregnant Depends On The Scenario

How long does it take to know your pregnant has been asked by most of the women today , but there is no any specific solution to that query, it depends on the scenario for each couple and most likely it depends on your monthly cycle you had unprotected sex. It can be just one time effort, or at times it depends what intensity requires you to get pregnant.

How long does it take to know your pregnant after having unprotected sex will take not more than two to three weeks maximum. There are some early pregnancy signs for women before wondering for how long does it take to know your pregnant like:
Spots of blood/ bleeding – early pregnancy sign can cause a very light bleeding
Sickness & nausea – right after conception, it won’t take much time to show the symptoms of nausea or drowsy feelings
Early pregnancy signs some times are not enough to solve the query of how long does it take to know your pregnant. Below mentioned signs prove really helpful for women where they can find about their pregnancy. Symptoms include:
Mood disorder
Craving for food or to have something in fruits
Missed periods
Morning sickness
Increased sense of smell

The above list does contain all the symptoms, sometimes women have to wait for their periods or right after a couple of days symptoms may start to appear or within the first 4 to 8 weeks.

So one of the most important thing is to know that how long does it take to know your pregnant vary from women to women if she missed the period then it does mean that she is pregnant because it may due on next month. In rare cases, women don’t get any symptoms of pregnancy , and it appear after 2-3 months.
Majority women prefer home pregnancy/blood pregnancy test for the solution of how long does it take to know your pregnant, which is not a bad thing. Home pregnancy test takes time (more than two weeks) to know that if you are really pregnant because for accurate test of home pregnancy test then the hormone level of your body should be high to get notice out in urine test where as blood pregnancy test may takes a bit longer time than home pregnancy test because in blood pregnancy test you need to go to a doctor and wait for the result for two to three days.

There are various factors which affect your chances of getting pregnant which includes:

Sperm Count – If the male’s sperm is below 20 million cc then it will take longer to get pregnant
Timings o sex – Couple must have sex for 2- 3 times regularly in a week
Patency of your fallopian tube – to get pregnant quickly, they should be working well
Mother’s age – if the mother is old enough then it will take a long time to get pregnant
Ovulation – if there is no ovulation then there will be no any chance to get pregnant.

If all of the above factors are perfect then it won’t take much time to get pregnant unless you are willing to get pregnant in a short span.