How Long Does It Take to Get Sober

How long does it take to get sober?

Drinking too much alcohol may make you ask how long does it take to get sober. If for example only one shot is taken then sobering up takes a lesser time. The sobering up process involves the oxidizing of alcohol through the liver. It is not a very quick process after all. Alcohol effect is not in the hands of a person. It lies with the processing that each body goes through. Every body speaks of a different need and requirements. Thus how long does it take to get sober is proportionate to the person drinking alcohol and the number of beer shots that one consumes.

If the person is not an alcoholic and hence has a healthy liver, it may take around an hour to sober up. The healthier the liver, the quicker is the process. If the intoxication level becomes unbearable, the person can have coffee. The presence of caffeine helps one to settle down reducing the drowsy feeling. But of course it does not sober one up completely. Also drinking water may help and increase the timing of how long does it take to get sober.

Moreover, how long does it take to get sober can be gauged with the plan you have devised beforehand. The intake of food and water can help in sobering one up quickly. Generally one beer takes one hour to sober up and thus it depends on the amount of beers one consumes. How long does it take to get sober will rest on how much alcohol one consumes. The number of drinks equals the number of hours for sobering up.

Drinking too much alcohol is not feasible. It disrupts the body of a person and makes him/her lose control of the self. There are many effects of too much consumption of alcohol. It affects the vision, speech of a person, the way one walks, and it may also lead to vomiting. But it should be kept in mind that drinking excess of alcohol can also prove fatal as alcohol may also cause poisoning. This may cause death of a person.

Once a person consumes alcohol and it is ingested into the stomach, there can be hardly any ways to help one sober up. It will take its own time thereafter. Thus it is rested upon a person’s health and a healthy liver which will increase the chance of sobering up. In such cases how long does it take to get sober depends on the sex, weight, body type of a person.

The exact answer to how long does it take to get sober also depends on the size of glass in which the alcohol is consumed. Some alcohol may be stronger in its effect; hence it may take even more than an hour for one drink to lose its intoxication. Attending parties and events may make a person consume a lot of alcohol and forget the count. Having self control and drinking to one’s limit is always advisable. This may end up in not knowing exactly how long does it take to get sober but in short it usually takes an hour for each serving (1 beer / 1 shot / 1 glass of wine) of alcohol for the normal person.