How Long Does It Take To Get Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is also called as pregnancy sickness which occurs to the majority of pregnant women. It is a very common symptom of pregnancy which occurs usually in the morning, though it is not necessary to occur in the morning. It can occur anytime throughout the day. Morning sickness is usually a feel of nausea and vomiting. It is caused due to increased estrogen level in a human body which results into sickness and vomiting. In the pregnancy period, women are mostly sensitive to many odors which make them nauseate. Initially an expecting mother feels little disturbed due to morning sickness and some other biological changes occurring in the body due to pregnancy, but they become used to it after some time. Before knowing how long does it take to get morning sickness let us know what effects are created from the morning sickness.

Morning sickness depends from person to person. Some women get a mild morning sickness while some have very strong impact of morning sickness. In severe cases morning sickness results into dehydration, weight loss, weakness and hypokalemia. Getting morning sickness is a first and a basic symptom of getting pregnant after conception. Morning sickness may be irritating for the pregnant women, but it is important to feel this type of sickness in pregnancy period because it provides protection to the fetus against toxic materials. Those who do not get morning sickness in their pregnancy period they are more likely to miscarry their baby at the time of delivery.

Now let’s discuss how long does it take to get morning sickness. Morning sickness is just a pregnancy myth, it is not necessary that in happens in the morning time but it can be afternoon sickness too. To know exactly how long does it take to get morning sickness here is a quick review of its symptoms and causes.

Most women do not realize that they are pregnant for many days until they get the clear indication. The first sign of morning sickness may be stomach flu, back pain, tender breasts, constipation or increased sense of smell. Usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get morning sickness after conception. In some cases, it can reduce to 3 to 4 weeks after intercourse. There is not a definite answer of how long does it take to get morning sickness; it varies from person to person. Even the symptoms and causes differ from every woman.

Morning sickness is completely normal and can’t considered as some serious disease. In some severe cases where the expecting mother feels high level of morning sickness which make them weak and ill in such cases they need to be hospitalized. There are many precautionary measures that can be done to avoid or reduce the morning sickness. Doctor advises to keep some crackers or snacks beside you and have it when a person gets up in the morning from the bed. Quick nap and having warm green tea also provide you relief from the morning sickness. Certain medications should be taken on doctor’s recommendation. Morning sickness usually lasts till 16th week of pregnancy.

These factors, symptoms and causes gives you clear answers about morning sickness, how long does it take to get morning sickness and how long does it lasts.