How Long Does It Take To Get Herpes

How long does it take to get herpes?

It is very hard to determine how long does it take to get herpes. It may not even be detected too soon. It is a kind of virus that acts on the skin, resulting in diseases of the skin. It spreads as sores in and around the mouth, or the genital area. The sores slowly turn into fluid boils and eventually seep out blood or white fluid. The final healing process takes up to 2 to 4 weeks, though there is no final corrective measure for it. It is a long-lasting occurrence and cannot say how long does it take to get herpes.

Herpes can be transmitted through oral sex if the person given oral sex has herpes on the genitals. It can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse without protection. Hence it is advisable to use condoms while having sex. At times, due to the unawareness of how long does it take to get herpes, there is no way to avoid its transmission if the aforementioned precautions are not taken. Even kissing a person who has sores around the mouth may pass on the virus to the other person. The sores that occur in case of herpes are quite hurtful, causing extreme discomfort. The initial symptoms start to be noticeable between 2 to 20 days and even if treated the sores may last for longer than that (usually a few weeks).

There is no definite solution to the avoidance of the disease and it is always possible for its transmission to another person through unprotected sexual intercourse. Herpes is a kind of ongoing disease. It does not stop with one session. A person with herpes is very likely to get the disease again and again and you can never predict how long does it take to get herpes. It keeps repeating with time and there can be 3 to 4 sudden occurrences of herpes. Swelling around the genitals is likely to be the case of herpes or even cuts on the skin may result in the repeating process. But it is a respite as the other sessions last for a lesser time than the initial one.

Herpes has quite a long stay in the human body. In other words, it is to stay forever. Sometimes even with no direct symptoms there is every possibility of the person infected with the disease. Herpes causes severe trouble to the infected spot. The entire herpes procedure starts with prickling red swellings on the area infected followed by its eruption. Thereafter a coating appears on the skin, which is the sign of the remedial process.

As the virus spreads to the nerves of the human body, there is no way to totally erase herpes out of a person’s system. When and how long does it take to get herpes cannot be found out. It also affects the immune system of a person making the person susceptible to other diseases very easily. For pregnant women, it is more of a risk as they tend to transmit the disease onto the baby. The only real solution is to avoid any kind of sexual contact (including kissing) with a person who has acquired the virus.

Till date there has been no certain response as to how long does it take to get herpes? Even no medication is available to wipe out herpes completely from its victim. Even a small cut or exposed skin here and there might trigger another session of the disease. Once been transmitted with the disease, the person remains a long-lasting victim of herpes. How long does it take to get herpes and to get rid of it remains unanswerable.