How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle

How long does it take to gain muscle?

Muscle building does not happen overnight and will require some goal setting, motivation, and dedication. In your goal setting, you will be inclined to ask – how long does it take to gain muscle? This will be highly influenced by two main factors – your exercise and your dieting habits. This is where your motivation and dedication play their roles and aside from exercise and diet, the speed of your muscle-building is also affected by your genetics or body type, which is unfortunately out of your control. In short, there is no set time, but most people start seeing material results in about 3 weeks. If you are very overweight then you may begin to see results much quicker.

Goals, motivation, and dedication

Your goal is to burn fat and build muscle, although we note that the two can be done independently of each other, if you just want to get skinnier, or just want to get bigger, although most people are looking for a combination of both. You know how powerful the mind can be in keeping track of the end goal, and this will be key, as it may take alot of time and frustration before you even really see results. Many people dont get what they wnat out of a month or so of working out and dieting, and give up right before they hit the tirning point. Make sure this does not happen to you! Dedication is pushing through with your exercise and diet plans, no matter had hard they could be – just keep doing.

Diet and exercise routines

Basically, how long does it take to build muscle is governed by your diet plans and exercise or work-out routine. Diet is eating the right foods. The wrong kind of foods at the wrong times will be a big factor in curtailing the growth of muscle. Eating the right foods at the right time should be accompanied by the right work-out routine that is suited to your body type or genetics.

To increase the speed of muscle building, you have to modify your diet. Your body needs protein to grow the muscles, thus, you have to eat plenty from this food group. Include in your diet lean meat, beef, poultry and fish. Along with the right diet, you need to also have an ideal work-out technique. You have to choose your kind of exercise, stick to it and never skip any scheduled training. Some trainers prescribe weight lifting in order to gain muscle, while others may prescribe more body weight activities like pushups and crunches, known as calisthenics.

The hiring of personal trainer is advised to people who want to gain muscle mass in the right amount in the right place. These experts will design your diet plan and exercise regimen. Then, the plan can be adjusted as you go along – with your progress being consistently monitored. You can use a personal trainer or muscle-building coach to guide you in the right level of diet and exercises, although there are plenty of books, and loads of information of the web as well.

The diet and exercise regimen can be adjusted, based on your progress in muscle-building, however your body type can never be altered. What genes you were born with stick. Most experts say your genes classify you to one of the three body types and you should know your body type since this can also determine the length of time to gain muscle.

The three types of body are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. An endomorph body type is big with equally big bones. If you have this body type, you will easily gain muscle and fat because your metabolism is slow. With this body, you will aim to discard fats to show the muscles. The mesomorph type is already muscled and it has low body fat. With this body type, you will easily gain additional muscles. The ectomorph body is skinny that is also characterized by small muscles and high metabolism. With this body type, it will take a lot of hard work in order to gain muscle, and you may actually have to eat a lot as well.

In short, there is no set time for how long does it take to build muscle, but most people start seeing material results in about 3 weeks. If you are very overweight then you may begin to see results much quicker. The sky is really the limit and you can build a lot of muscle when you get started, but it gets harder and harder for each additional pound of muscle as you go. This is similar for loosing weight as well as the first 10 pounds may take 2 weeks, and the last 10 pounds could take 10 months!