How Long Does It Take For Food Poisoning

How long does it take for food poisoning?

The next four to six hours is how long does it take for food poisoning to occur. The type of food taken determines the extent of food poisoning. Sometimes it can also take place within a few minutes or even days. Thereafter the effect of food poisoning lasts for at least 10 days. One must be very careful in treating it right away or else it can also lead to the person’s death. How long does it take for food poisoning is very important to be detected to avoid serious problems.

There are various symptoms of food poisoning which will help to gauge how long does it take for food poisoning. Dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach aches can be the visible symptoms of the condition. Food poisoning occurs when the food or drink s contaminated with bacteria, virus or other forms of parasites. How long does it take for food poisoning is at times understood when the person feels uneasy in the stomach after consuming the infected food. Thus it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately to treat the condition as soon as possible. Treated in time, a person can be well in health again within a matter of two days. But the more the delay the worse it becomes and it may extend up to ten days or more. Of course even after the person is relieved from the condition, he/she must keep a constant check on the diet.

It is a myth that food poisoning may occur when one consumes outside food. The fact is that it can occur even at home. Is the meat or poultry is not cooked properly or fruits and vegetables not washed before eating or cooking, it can cause food poisoning. Though in such cases too how long does it take for food poisoning will be around a few hours time, but one must be extra careful while cooking at home. The food must be hygienic enough to be consumed.

In case of food poisoning, the person must take care of what he/she eats. Excess of food intake should be avoided for a few days to settle down the condition. In cases when the person is already undergoing health problems like diabetes or the like, there is a more probability of the person getting food poisoning. This happens due to the immune system of a person being already weak, hence more prone to virus or bacteria attack. How long does it take for food poisoning in such situations may be detected soon as the person may become ill very often.

Moreover, a person’s digestion time determines how long does it take for food poisoning. The quicker the food is digested the earlier food poisoning is detected. If the condition goes out of hand, dehydration may take place. To avoid it, it becomes significant for the infected person to drink lots of water to wipe off the infection completely from one’s system. In fact, sometimes food poisoning may occur by consuming contaminated water. If the person lives drinks water from an unhygienic place, he/she is likely to get food poisoning in no time. Thus how long does it take for food poisoning to occur is usually detected in a few hours.