How Long Does Influenza Last

Of the many diseases that healthy people have to suffer through, influenza is the most common one! The months from October to May can be declared as the months of influenza as in this time period the virus is at its peak. Whereas it stays active I the world for a very long time, the question that how long does influenza last for a person is different. Usually the time for how long does influenza last is three to six days average but the fatigue which is followed by the influenza can last for as long as three weeks maximum.

The most common conditions you will have to suffer from after the time for how long does influenza last is up are fever, coughs, temperature, muscles and joint pain along with pneumonia if the influenza was very serious. This severity of influenza can lead to brain damage or nerve damages which can lead to dysfucntioning of brain or even worse- death. But the good news in this regard is that the rate of deaths caused by influenza is very rare and usually it only fades away after few days but the fatigue that you will feel in its wake will take longer than how long does influenza last.

Worst thing about influenza is that antibiotics fail because influenza is an infection caused by viruses. Instead of antibiotics, you need to take a dosage of antiviral medication which will reduce the time for how long does influenza last and lessens down the severity of the symptoms and fatigue. What you can do at home to help yourself get better and recover from influenza is that drink plenty of fluids. But you need to be vaccinated against influenza if you are in the later years of life or are vulnerable to the severe state of influenza and are susceptible to further body damage.

The most common symptoms of influenza which will also dictate that how long does influenza last include headache, cheats pain, fever, pain in muscles and joints, weakness with sleeplessness, lack of hunger and appetite, shivering and chills in the body accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting because of indigestion of food. If you are feeling all or most of the symptoms than you are an unfortunate victim of influenza and have to take bed rest for at least 3 to maximum 7 days. Like mentioned before, drink plenty of fluids as you lose a lot of liquids during influenza. Try to sleep, even though the sleep will be restless but do try.

If you are getting a lot of coughing then some over the counter medicine would be good for you. You can seek advice from the pharmacist at the drugstore. Do not smoke or take any alcoholic beverages. You can take over the counter medicine to treat the fever and body pain. But make sure that you consider the age factor to take the medicine as some medicines are not advisable for children who are under 16 years of age. In case you feel that the medicines are making it worse instead of making it better, you need to contact a doctor without further ado.