How Long Does Indigestion Last

Indigestion is a common health condition found in all age groups, in general terms Indigestion is often described as a mixed kind of feeling causing discomfort in the upper abdomen, which could be a combination of different symptoms such as feeling nausea, Bloating of stomach right after meals, heartburn and belching. The important thing to notice about indigestion is that every person experiences it differently and it might not be that easy to predict how long does indigestion last.

Dyspepsia or Indigestion as commonly known as is not similar to heartburn. There could be various reasons which might have resulted in causing indigestion. Indigestion can develop due to some other reasons such as IBS, GERD, THS imbalance, presence of stomach Ulcers swelling of Pancreas of pancreatitis, presence of Gallstones, even use of anti inflammatory meds and painkillers, antibiotics and use of steroids medicines can cause indigestion. Apart from these Dyspepsia can be triggered due to high intake of alcohol, fast eating, overeating and fatty foods, other reasons could be increased emotional stress and nervousness and smoking. The answer to how long does indigestion last depends on the root cause of it.

Even a doctor will need to first figure out the reasons behind the ailment, once the root cause of indigestion is known medication is prescribed accordingly. Commonly, medical practitioner will examine the stomach lining for peptic ulcers. Checking the esophagus is also common to understand the pain. Other more serious check-ups could include examination of Gallstones, which are solid deposits inside the gallbladder, which often results in painful indigestion like symptoms. In rare cases indigestion could be related to stomach cancer, so a doctor recommends thorough checkup if he feels so, before he can tell you how long does indigestion last.

Prevention of indigestion is possible by only following few simple rules while eating. As mentioned earlier eating habits are the root cause of indigestion and they can be easily, controlled by avoiding to eat fast, inhaling with mouth while eating, avoiding to drink liquids while having meals, Avoid late night binging, eating spicy, oily and fatty foods at night. If you are a smoker quit smoking or try to gradually reduce it to zero. Try to relax your stomach by eating smaller portions of meals but at shorter intervals this will not exert your stomach at once. During indigestion avoid having citrus fruits and vegetables as it might trigger the condition further. While you are still having indigestion avoid fitted apparels with belts etc. wear something which falls loose on your body so it can heal faster and breath. If proper precautions are taken, you can understand how long does indigestion last for you.

Although indigestion appears as a commonly occurring condition, but many might not be aware that it is also similar to heart attack symptoms. Both Heart attack and indigestion both have similar symptoms, therefore seeking medical attention is a wiser idea to differentiate them, rather than taking it lightly whereas you might be experiencing n heart attack, and it does not have any relation with knowing how long does indigestion last.