How Long Does HPV Last

Human papilloma virus, or HPV, is a virus that has the ability to infect both females and males. Over the years, scientists have identified various types of HPV that have the ability to trigger a number of different sicknesses, all the way from cancers to warts. In most cases, different types of HPV do not result in the same kinds of illnesses. Easily the most frequent STD all over the world, it is difficult to predict an answer to the question: how long does HPV last?

Before questions such as, ‘how long does HPV last?’ are answered, however, it is essential to know how exactly HPV is detected. Even though many people believe HPV is an extremely rare sickness that only affects a small group of very unlucky men, it is actually quite common. However, most men who contract this virus never realize that they have done so. This is because many HPV types do not cause serious illnesses. However, if you develop conditions ranging from genital warts to cancer, there is a possibility that the human papilloma virus is behind your suffering. You should visit a doctor so that he or she can conduct relevant tests to determine whether you do in fact have a kind of HPV. Many kinds of HPVs can be detected through pap tests, and it is recommended that both men and women get these tests done on a regular basis.

Scientists have largely struggled to figure out how long does HPV last because of the wide range of symptoms and problems it results in. However, scientists have been able to determine a number of causes that have been proven to result in the contraction of HPV. Research suggests that HPV transmission is most usually the result of sexual and physical contact. Unprotected sex with an individual who has already contracted the human papilloma virus is the leading cause of HPV transmission in most parts of the world. Some types of HPV can also be contracted through contact with infected surfaces including public showers and swimming pools. Studies have shown that while some strains of HPV can be fought off by the body with no external help in just a matter of a few days, other strains are more stubborn and they can live in the human body for years, causing varying degrees of illnesses.

Just like how scientists have been unable to answer the question: how long does HPV last?, they have also not yet found a generic cure for all kinds of HPV. Most treatments are focused on curing the manifestation of the virus. For example, if somebody is suffering from warts, they are normally advised by doctors to undergo surfer or cyrotherapy for extended periods of time. Doctors normally link the answer to the question: how long does HPV last? to the level of immunity one’s body has developed. Healthy people are normally able to fight off the virus successfully within a year, while people who do not maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly can contract HPV for a longer period of time.