How Long Does Hives Last

Once it is confirmed that you are suffering from hives, the first thing everyone around you including you will definitely think that hey, how long does Hives last? Well first of all you need to know what hives exactly is to understand the answers including how long does Hives last. The medical word for hives is Urticaria and it indicates to the condition of skin when it gets swollen and itches a lot. The swollen spots are usually red and have a pale centre. This malady is not fatal or deadly but it is very uncomfortable and painful condition of skin.

The science behind swelling of skin is that there are some immune cells in the skin which are known as mast cells. When there is a reaction in those cells clusters, the excrete chemicals one of which is called histamine that is responsible for the itchiness of skin along with the swelling and redness. Now for many people, the time of how long does Hives last varies from few hours to half a day. It just appears and disappears on its own. And about 20% of world’s population becomes a victim of this annoying disease at one or other point of their lives.

The best thing about hives is that even though it is very annoying and irritating, the medicines are very effective to it. It responds well to the medicines and antibiotics helping you to get rid of it as soon as you can and reducing the time of how long does Hives last. The medicines which are made to deal with hives usually focuses on killing or dealing with the mast cell activation and their secretion relieving you of the irritation. This condition is not only very irritating but it also looks very gross on the skin making you unable to attend social events or come in contact with other human beings.

There are many symptoms which lead to Hives and determine that how long does Hives last. The first symptom is the alteration of appearance of the skin. The skin becomes swollen with red tinge and pale centers filled and these swollen areas often merge together to create bigger blotches. That part of skin will be very itchy and irritating. But if your skin is aching, blisters are appearing on the skin and there are bruises then you need to contact a doctor as these are not the symptoms of hives but they might be something even more dangerous.

There are three types of hives which can be classified as Brief or acute Hives, Long standing or chronic hives and finally physical hives which mean the natural phenomenon like exposure to sun or too much cold led to the creation of blotches. So basically the things that triggered the Hives are responsible to determine the type of hives and that how long does Hives last. You will find a lot of similarities in all the types but these triggers are the main differences between them and avoiding them will help you get rid of hives sooner.