How Long Does HIV Take To Show Up

How long does HIV take to show up?

It usually takes around 13 weeks for HIV to show up as the virus may take some time to spread in the body. Until specific symptoms show up and a test is conducted for HIV, it is quite difficult to detect it. The symptoms may include fever, diarrhea, muscle ache and others. The HIV can be tested wither through a urine sample or blood test. Thus exactly how long does HIV take to show up cannot be specified.

Sometimes it may depend upon the immunity level of the person. The stronger the immune system, less likely is the chances to detect HIV. Once a person gets the virus, eventually the immune system is hampered. The person becomes prone to catching diseases and may fall ill quite often and easily. But the antibodies of HIV may take some time longer in people having a weaker immunity system. How long does HIV take to show up is based on the time in which the infected person’s body produces antibodies of the infection.

The antibodies may start developing in the person after 25 days from the time the infection enters, but how long does HIV take to show up may take longer. There are various tests available for HIV, like the antibodies test to detect HIV antibodies and the other is RNA for the virus itself.
There can also be a latency stage with respect to HIV. Hence at this time it would be impossible to say as to how long does HIV take to show up. The latency stage may last from 10 to 25 years. Thus unless you get a test done for HIV there are least chances of detection. There are quite a few ways to avoid getting infected.

To prevent HIV you need to have protected sex, avoid oral sex, not to use any kind of used syringe, and blood transfusion from an infected person. It is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease. Hence you must avoid having several sexual partners. How long does HIV take to show up can vary but the treatment of HIV has not been known yet. The infected person may catch flu again and again and that can be taken as an HIV infection.
How long does HIV take to show up is a tricky question but one infected, the person cannot be cured. Science needs to be more advanced to find a cure for people infected with the disease. Though sometimes people may not fall ill easily, hence the presence of HIV may not be known at all unless the person suffers from a serious illness. Others may show visible symptoms, which may at times be unexplainable unless a test is done. This includes a feeling of tiredness too soon, fever, weight loss, chills or even breathing difficulties. HIV destroys the immune system of a person. It can be caused by many factors such as unsafe sex, the re-use of injections.

The time as to how long does HIV take to show up differs from person to person. For some it may show up within 3 to 6 weeks itself, while for others it may take up to 3 months for the virus to surface. It is very important in today’s world to be careful since many people are infected with HIV. Sometimes it is better to go for a test if you are time and again falling ill as it may give an early answer to how long does HIV take to show up.