How Long Does Hemorrhoids Last

How long does hemorrhoids last?

How long does hemorrhoids last is a matter off 7 to 10 days. Of course the earlier it is detected and treated the higher are the chances of it getting better. In hemorrhoids, the veins near the anus of a person are swollen. In the layman’s language, it is called piles. This causes extreme pain and itching sensation. How long does hemorrhoids last depends on the extent to which the person has been affected by the condition.

Taking care of oneself in case of hemorrhoids is very important. In order to shorten the time of the condition and help in warding it off soon, proper medication and self care is necessary. Moreover, hemorrhoids in itself do not get wiped off from the person’s body completely. It has to be removed surgically. If not, there may always be a chance to awaken the condition again. Thus how long does hemorrhoids last is proportional to the treatment followed with its occurrence. If the hemorrhoids have entered too deep into a person’s body, it takes a longer time to heal the condition. If it goes too worse, surgery becomes a must.

Hemorrhoids may occur when too much strain is applied on the anus of a person. Especially during bowel movements, if the pressure exerted is too powerful, the chances of acquiring hemorrhoids increase. Women after conceiving a child is more likely to be affected as there is a lot of pressure exerted during giving birth to the child.

One must take care of what one eats. This is because if the person suffers from constipation, there is maximum pressure exerted on the anus. This is highly risky and more prone to acquire hemorrhoids. Thus how long does hemorrhoids last will depend on the extent of the condition. Hemorrhoids cause a lot of trouble for the person. Anal infection will itself be painful when the person sits down. There can also be a discharge of blood when one is suffering from anus infection.

Sometimes hemorrhoids can be present internally. In this condition, the vein at the opening of the anus is swollen. When it is external, the area around the anus is affected. Thus anytime if one feels the need to itch near the anus or it pains during bowel movements or sitting, one must immediately consult a doctor. How long does hemorrhoids last will be dependent on the treatment done, but if it is not treated properly the infection may spread up to the liver causing more trouble for the body.

The doctor may suggest creams to get rid of the infection. The cream will also cause less itching problem. Moreover the person infected must take extra precautions, cotton undergarments must be worn so that there will be less chances for rashes to take place. The anal area must be cleaned properly after bowel movements. Unhygienic conditions may help the infection to stay for a longer time.

How long does hemorrhoids last will also be based on how one may take care of oneself. Drinking the required amount of water may help to get rid of the infection. In fact, water is a medicine for many types of diseases. It helps to prevent stomach problems and removes unnecessary toxins from the body, also preventing one from constipation problems. Though the answer to how long does hemorrhoids last is about a week or two, necessary care will heal the infection faster.