How Long Does HCG Stay In Your System

How long does HCG stay in your system?

To understand how long HCG stays in your system it is given that it is important that we know about it in detail so as to understand its uses and affect on the human body. HCG is the abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a kind of hormone that is produced in the body of a woman during the time of her pregnancy by the placenta and the embryo. This hormone further aids the development of another hormone called Progesterone. The function of this latter hormone is to make the uterus thick and to help increase the nourishment of the fetus. In most of the pregnancy tests this hormone is detected. The HCG hormones are also used to clinically stimulate ovulation in women, as well as the production of testosterone in men. Some of its additional uses are that it can be devised as a marker of tumor when combined with alpha-fetoprotein.

So How long HCG stays in your system depends on three things: If you are pregnant; If you have had a miscarriage or if you are using HCG for losing weight. In the first case it is quite obvious that throughout the whole duration of pregnancy, but HCG usually will completely disappear from the system within three to four weeks of giving birth to the baby (studies have not shown whether the sex of the baby is a factor although this could be a possibility)

In the second scenario it is to be kept in mind that a miscarriage stops the growth of the baby, yet the HCG still takes time to completely disappear from the body. After the miscarriage the normal duration for the HCG to be out of the body takes 19 to 20 days, but this is also dependent on the time when the miscarriage occurred and the amount of HCG at the time of the miscarriage for as long does HCG stay in your system.

Concerning how long HCG stays in your system, finally in case of dosage of HCG for the purpose of losing weight tells a different story. HCG diet is prescribed from 23 to 40 days under the supervision of a physician who is licensed. Under the strict diet regime, medical examination the patient receives the HCG dosage in the form of injections, drops etc. by the end of the 40 day regime it is a must that the intake of HCG is stopped as the system of the patient develops immunity for HCG. After the intake has been stopped it takes around 6 weeks for the body to completely remove the effects of HCG from the system.

Albert Simeons, a British endocrinologist during his study of pregnant women in India proposed HCG as a supplement that could bring about weight loss under the affect of low calorie diet. However some scientists say that any loss of weight in the individual due to ‘HCG diet’ is probably because of the lack of calories intake which is between 500 to 1000 calories per day, and not because of how long HCG stays in your system.