How Long Does Genital Warts Last

Genital warts are among the most dreaded illnesses that one can contract. They are normally an effect of the papilloma virus infection. Genital warts is an extremely painful condition that is visibly recognizable. If you observe bumps on your body that seem to be flesh colored or shaped like cauliflowers, you should get yourself checked for genital warts. Rather than worrying about the potential effects of this dreaded condition, the first question that comes to most people’s minds is: how long does genital warts last?

Before delving into answering the question ‘how long does genital warts last?’ it is essential to examine how exactly medical professionals go about diagnosing this painful condition. Doctors normally start out by asking the patient for his or her medical history, specifically focusing on any STDs contracted in the recent past. They also ask patients whether they have received the HPV injection. If they suspect that you are in fact suffering from genital warts, doctors might rub acetic acid near your genitals where the warts are suspected. If in fact, you are suffering from genital warts, the warts will become white on the application of acetic acid.

The answer to the question ‘how long does genital warts last?’ depends primarily on
How fast these painful warts are healed basically depends on what method of treatment you might go for. One should keep in mind the fact that these are brought about by a virus, they are not bacterial in nature. This means they will not be treated with antibiotics, this is not only ever recommended but it is dangerous to use any antibiotic medicine on them. A medical specialist will probably recommend a liquid treatment in the form of a solution called podophyllin resin. This treatment should only be applied by a nurse or a physician, you go home with it and then wash it off after a few hours. The result will not be immediate, and several applications will be needed before the warts are healed entirely. Overall, this treatment may require a full month before it completely mends the warts. In some light infections, a medical doctor may prescribe a more dissolved solution, a lotion called Podopfilox, which you can individually apply at home. Just pay attention not to use it for more than three or four days; in case the warts don’t disappear, you can start applying the lotion again after a three- four day pause.

Are you still wondering how long does genital warts last? There are a few additional treatments that might be of help. Many people tend to use more severe treatments for complete removal, but keep in mind that this will not prevent a recurrence of the breakout.

Some pharmacists will recommend cryocautery with help from a liquid nitrogen solution. This helps freezing occurring warts but it cannot stop them from reappearing.

You may choose various laser treatment methods or surgical removal, which will require an intervention from a surgeon,

Some people tend to leave those untreated hoping they would go away. In this case, how long does genital warts last? Well, the occurrence can last up to a year, until it completely heals, but this only in untreated cases. This is why, it is very important to seek medical attention and request from an appropriate treatment for this nagging condition.