How Long Does Flu Symptoms Last

Flu is a very infection of lungs, throat and nose. It is caused ultimately by a virus called as Influenza. Since we all suffer through at least once a year. Most of us are aware of the symptoms of flu but yet we ask each other that how long does flu symptoms last? In order to answer how long does flu symptoms last, you should first know the causes of flue.

As told above, flu is caused by influenza. We mostly catch flu when we breathe very tiny droplets of sneeze and cough of a person having flu. We easily catch flu if we touch our finger to something that is influenza infected. This is because we ultimately touch hands on our face, lips and eyes. Flu and colds are two different infections. Cold occurs many times in one year but flu occurs less frequently. The symptoms of flu occurs in throat, nose and lungs.

To get answer of how long does flu symptoms last, read the following paragraphs. The symptoms of flue appear very quickly. They take at least a day and maximum seven days. Once you come in contact with the flu virus, you get hit in two or three days. This infection spreads very easily usually from workplace and schools. The very first symptom of flu is high fever. Children suffer through higher fever as compared to adults. Other common symptoms of flue are dizziness, chills, body aches, flushed face, nausea, headache and vomiting. Again the question arises how long does flu symptoms last. These symptoms take two to four days and in some cases new symptoms occur.

The new symptoms include sore throat, sneezing, dry cough and running nose. In some cases increase in level of breathing is also a symptom. Except cough, all these symptoms disappear within a week. The infected person feels tired and low energy during the occurrence of flu symptoms. They do not eat as they lose their taste, breathing problem occurs and often results in to asthma.

How long does flu symptoms last? This question has been answered but one good thing associated with these symptoms is that they help in identification of flu. Doctors do not prescribe any test or exam as they look at symptoms and tell that the person is suffering through flu infection.

Treatments include using medicines that lower the level of fever. Aspirin should not be used as suggested by doctors. The sore throat can be cured using cough drops. A lot of rest is required. Liquids should be consumed in high quantity. Tobacco and alcohol should be avoided. Antiviral medications are not consumed in cases where one has low symptoms of flu. Very sick and highly infected people are prescribed antiviral medicines. The time of symptoms can be shortened if one starts taking medicines on time. Children are more susceptible to flu and they should be treated as soon as possible.