How Long Does DNA Testing Take

How long does DNA testing take?

The modern day world has become quite complicated. Questions like how long does DNA testing take needs to be answered. Well, around 5 to 10 days is what it takes to know the results of a DNA test. A DNA can help a person to know whether the other person is related to him/her or not. Thus it is not difficult to obtain answers for such queries and hence how long does DNA testing take is not long either.

With infidelity on the rise with modern couples, there arises a need to test the DNA of the child that is born. The working community has made relationships complicated. Every other person is cheating on his/her partner. The need to satisfy one’s sexual desire makes one to have an affair with the boss or a friend. Thus when a partner doubts the faithfulness of the other, the child that is born is also questioned. For this reason DNA testing is done. How long does DNA testing take in such times becomes a great matter of concern with regard to the waiting factor.

There are many ways to get a DNA testing done. The hair, blood or any body part can be used to determine the relationship of one person to another. The lining of the cheek, bone sample, teeth or any other tissue can be taken as a testing sample for identification. Throughout one’s lifespan, the DNA remains constant. Thus to find out the genes of a person and the relationship, a DNA test is significant. How long does DNA testing take depends on the place where the test takes place. Some may even give the results in 3 working days while others may take duration of 10 days.

Before a DNA testing is done, there are many clauses put forth; the most important one being the agreement of all to get the test done. To determine a child’s relationship to the father, the test may either disregard the father totally in case of a negative result, or the paternity rate comes as 99.99%. Since these issues about knowing the relationship between people is a sensitive one, the DNA test is kept absolutely confidential. The test is only given to the people who have applied for it or to the ones whom they give authority to.

Apart from the infidelity reason, a DNA testing can also be done on a prisoner to find out if the person is the original man the police have been looking for. Even for adoption cases, a DNA test is done to find out what genes the child is carrying. There are many other reasons such as criminal investigation and medical purposes. In the case of a couple and a child, the test needs to be conducted on the three but if in case the mother is not available; the test can still be conducted. However, it requires additional laboratory testing.

How long does DNA testing take is usually in a week and a few days time. DNA testing can create many problems if the wife has been cheating on the husband. Due to the busy lifestyle and schedule of people in today’s world, there has been an increase in divorce cases. Some might be due to differences between the couples and some can even arise out of a DNA test conducted whereby the child does not belong to the father. Therefore, how long does DNA testing take can be a wait for the future ahead.