How Long Does Depression Last

How long does depression last?

It’s a new day and sunbeams gently awaken your sleepy eyes. You slowly stretch with a hope that a fresh start will delight you from within. Yet, instead of feeling a sense of anticipation you feel a nagging, overall lack of motivation accompanied by fatigue, gloom, and dread. It dawns on you this isn’t the only day you have felt this way. In fact, you realize there have been many days like this and you want to know what is going on.

Welcome to the mysteries of the world of depression. Perhaps a welcoming greeting doesn’t sound appropriate. On the contrary; educating ourselves about depression is something you should embrace. Depression isn’t particularly entertaining but many experience it on one level or another and they should welcome any opportunity to learn so they can better assist ourselves and our loved ones when we are faced with the question, “how long does depression last?”

For many, depression is a very controversial word. Each generation has their own name and response to what we now call depression. Call it melancholia, the blues, mental fatigue or anything you like, but we are all trying to say the same thing without attaching the often burdensome heaviness that attaches itself to this concern. Because of the mysterious patterns and exhibitions of depression many prefer to rely on their own understanding of depressive symptoms. Surprisingly, there are more of us than not who actually consider depression as more of a weakness that should be overlooked or simply overcome by will power alone. No wonder depression is running rampant!

Respectfully, after years of misguided knowledge we enter into the long awaited explosion of education, new research and study methods, and new treatments for depression. Psychologists, medical doctors, alternative medical professionals, and other mental health, spiritual health and health-related fields are opening their eyes a little wider to the truths and mysteries of depression. Depression can be a serious mental disruption. It is not a personal weakness or flaw in our own decision making process. If you want a fresh new outlook in the morning about depression, awaken to hope in healing, and toss aside all those wives tales about will power cures. Science has proven depression cannot be “willed away” after all.

Curiously, there are many forms of depression. Every type of depression loves to linger. Misery loves company and depression invites us all to stay as long as possible at its party. If momentary sadness comes and goes, the chances are good that clinical depression is not knocking at your door. But, if sadness, anxiety, moodiness, aches, pains and other physical or mental interruptions occur for a period of longer than two weeks call your doctor.

Everyone is different; but when clinical depression is apparent it can last a very long time due to the brain’s need to replenish lacking chemicals and activity. Addressing the concerns of depression is crucial and ignoring the signs of lingering or long-lasting sadness, anger, anxiety and other mental symptoms is stressful to the entire body. Depression needs attention through proper nutrition, exercise and possibly the necessary medications to assist in either replenishing or re-balancing the brain’s chemicals. The longer you wait, the longer and worse depression can become s if you are asking yourself how long does depression last, it is time to take action.

Don’t wait to find out how long depression can last. Take action. Be proactive in your own health and wellness. We have learned that depression can last a very long time and also can continue to develop due to poor self-care, imbalanced nutrition issues and life’s every day stress. Make it a point to find the humanness in depression and get a jump start on preventive measures which assist in a healthier body and brain.