How Long Does Cholic Last

How long does colic last depends upon that on which kind of a person is colic present. For instance, if colic is present in a baby, then it can be controlled by taking some kind of effective measures. However, it would be better if colic is explained briefly first. Colic means that when a baby cries uncontrollably for a long time without taking any breaks and if that baby is above 5 months and cries over for more than three hours at a stretch, then that would be called as a colic baby and requires a lot of consideration and attention from the parent’side because parents are the one who suffers the most, when their baby becomes colic and keeps on crying for many hours at a stretch. However, how long does colic last in a baby also depends upon the signs or symptoms which show that a baby is colic.

For instance, colic babies usually cry when they are wet or feeling hungry or at times, they are scared or frightened by something. A baby who has colic usually cries at the same time in which that baby usually keeps on crying excessively and in an impatient manner. However, a colic baby, usually cries late in the noon or in the evening time. A baby who has colic, usually has an enlarged stomach and the baby might pass gases when the baby’s legs are pulled upwards.

How long does colic last in a baby also depends upon the improvement which a baby might show within a week’s time or a month’s time. However, a colic baby may recover between 3 and 4 months and by the end of 5 months, there are 90% chances that the colic baby may recover fully which is a good news for the parents of the baby. It has been noted that colic in a baby is at its peak when the baby is of 6 weeks.

How long does colic last in a baby also depends upon how parents react or deal with the situation when faced with a baby who is highly colic. Parents should deal with a colic baby with a lot of patience and the parents should at the same time, must remain strong in dealing with a colic baby because it is no doubt, an extremely stressful situation for both the father and the mother but being firm and determined at the same time can help the colic baby also in recovering as well.

Therefore, during such a hard and a difficult time, the mother of the colic baby should especially remain positive and should relax herself by either reading a good book or listening to her favourite song that could help in relaxing both the mind and the body of the mother and at the same time also enables the mother to remain active again.

How long does colic last in a baby also depends upon the digestive system of the baby because if the digestive system of the baby is highly sensitive or has a low level of immunity, then there are high chances that the colic may last in a baby for a specific period.