How Long Does Chlamydia Last

How long does chlamydia last?

Being a sexually transmitted disease, it is difficult to gauge as to how long does chlamydia last. It is an infection occurring in the genitals and eye of humans. Chlamydia is a very common disease nowadays in the whole world. When couples have sexual intercourse or even oral sex, the disease is transmitted and to exactly give the answer to how long does chlamydia last – it may last for years to come.

If a woman is pregnant and infected with chlamydia, it can be transferred to the child. Sometimes showing no symptoms at all, it becomes difficult to detect whether a person is infected with chlamydia or not. The early period is not even painful. Therefore, if it remains undetected for a longer time, which is very much possible, it can have long term problems. Thus how long does chlamydia last also do not have a definite answer as the exact time of the occurrence of the disease cannot be found out.

The disease can have serious consequences, especially in the case of a woman as it can cause reproduction-related issues. Chlamydia also includes a conjunctivitis problem which can lead to blindness. It is a bacterium that is responsible for the disease to take place.

Since there are no obvious symptoms, and hence no proper knowledge about how long does chlamydia last, it is advisable to sexual partners to get a test done time and again. This will help in treating the disease before it gets too late. In fact, some precautions can also be taken while having sex. Using condoms during intercourse and avoiding oral sex may help in prevention of chlamydia.

For the betterment, it is important for couples to stay alert in case there are some symptoms that may occur. If the woman may feel irritation in her genitals, excess of vaginal discharge or a burning sensation, she must consult a doctor immediately. Moreover, with the increase of urinary tract infection in the present time, it is significant for every woman to get the necessary tests done to prevent any trouble later on. Thus how long does chlamydia last will only be known if there are proper means to detect and wipe out the disease as early as possible.

Also in the case of men, there may be a burning sensation felt while passing out urine. Additionally there may be more than usual discharge from the genitals. It is thus vital that a man must also go to the doctor to get the tests done. This is because if the disease goes unnoticed for a longer time, it may lead to fertility problems and also swelling in the genital area.

Chlamydia is one of the most deadly sexually transmitted diseases and without attending to it, it may prove highly dangerous both for the man and the woman. How long does chlamydia last is difficult to spot. A few light symptoms may arise but very often they are ignored as a common health problem. Thus educating oneself and getting regular check ups done can save couples from the disease to spread. How long does chlamydia last can be for weeks or even months but this excludes the undetected period.