How Long Does Chemo Stay In Your Body

These days majority person are suffering from cancer , and how long does chemo stay in your body doesn’t leave the space in your mind because cancer won’t leave any person apart from how long does chemo stay in your body.
For knowing about How long does chemo stay in your body, it Is necessary the distinguish of chemotherapy direct effect as by this therapy its get a chance to circulate in the entire body for long term.

At the time when cancer patients are having a question in mind that how long chemo stay in your body then they ultimately think about the fatigue. Feeling fatigue doesn’t mean that chemotherapy is still in your body but it can mean that an individual is suffering from hormonal changes. Due to hormonal changes mostly people felt by fatigue

How long does chemo stay in your body will give you a chance to get the answer of ‘ Not too long ‘ because most patients are getting excreted within several hours
Chemotherapy actually gives the solution to cancer by using drugs or medicine. Through chemotherapy a person can be
Apart from how long does chemo stay in your body, lets get some knowledge regarding drugs used in chemo, it is about 100 drugs used in chemo. These drugs used by a doctor to treat cancer and to let it stop by spreading more in the other body parts of cancer patient

How long does it stay in your body totally depends on the kind of the cancer person is having, how much your body does have the intensity to respond it quickly. Not even the chemo stay thing depends on the responding level or cancer type , but it is highly dependent on the drugs used by a doctor in the chemotherapy.

Moreover, doctors won’t prefer chemotherapy on a weekly basis because it won’t allow new cells to begin or regenerate. Doctors always prescribed chemotherapy in on and off cycle. Let’s suppose if one cancer patient is indulge in chemo therapy from continuously two weeks then doctor won’t allow that patient to come for chemotherapy again for next week. He/she will ask the patient to give a break for a week and then come back right after one week so that cells may get a chance to regenerate the new ones which will be beneficial for patients in getting rid from such a painful yet dangerous disease

Mostly people think that how long actual drugs stay in your body and the removal process of those drugs. Most of the patients get them broken through their liver and kidneys and then after getting break they passed it through urine and stool. It can get rid of the drugs have a highly dependency on below mentioned things:

Type of chemo you get
Other medicines you are taking, other than the chemo drugs
The time (either it is on symptom stage or extreme stage)

Your age
Last but not the least, your kidney & liver functions.